Growl...purrrr ....ohhh Yessss


I slip it past my lips and slide it along my tongue , close my eyes , let my head fall back ..let out a moan ....low and purring.

As the warmth of my mouth does its magic , the sticky sweet thickness melts and the creamy goodness  trickles down  my tongue towards the back of my throat and I swallow ...hmmmmm yessss ..there is nothing like it ...I open my eyes .. still tasting nirvana ...and  I bend over and break another piece of chocolate off the bar..and smile ....I am ready for another one    

 Bon Appetit.

softkitti softkitti
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15 Responses Jan 5, 2010

oooo * fans blushing face with hand* oh my .. that would be interesting ..*giggles* thanks for the comments =-D

wow *giggles* thank you ..I have never seen that movie ... but I have heard it was good thank you for your comment ;-D

..........Mmmhmmmmm.....<br />
<br />
*whistles softly to self as he proceeds to dig in trunk for something...takes out paddle, turns around to look at you.*

ummm yes but nicely darlling *looks around for Star* umm I spanked Star too *giggles , pokes Lucifer softly in the stomache and runs*

You just spank me?

yayayay a small chocolate party hmmm * dances around star and lucifer ..spanks them both* there kittified you both * giggles and starts nibbling on a hunk of creamy chocolate*

Dark chocolate can make a lot of things taste better.<br />
<br />
*bows to you and thanks you for the treat*

Gracias mamacita *eats a chocolate cherry and sways hips for a happy chocolate-time dance with Kitti* =)

ohhh dark chocolate for you Lucifer from my secret stash * takes dark chocolate from secret place and gives whole bar to Lucifer* ...I love dark too very rich no?

yayayay for you mi Estrella * slides brand new box of chocolate covered cherries to Star* there a full box ..I love these hmmmmm*dances around star with chocolate covered fingers waving in air* ;-D

Hmmm, I prefer something a tad bit darker and richer in flavor. But hank you for the chocolate covered cherries.......reminds me of something though.

*giggles* Now I'm hungry for some...... and I want chocolate too! *evil grin* X-P

ahhh I can only call you scribs if you are a true chocolate lover ..*blushes* do you like chocolate naughty scribs *giggles*<br />
<br />
Yes Lucifer ...chocolate is my ultimate weakness ..for sure want one * gives Lucifer a chocolate covered cherry*

*giggles and blushes and gives eight of swords a chocolate covered cherry * that is my favorite but for you sweet eight ..I will share <br />
<br />
Ohh fungirlmmm you are also one of my favorite ep sassy girls * slides a chocolate to fg giggling*

Yep, chocolate does that to people.

call me whenever you're having one sweetie :P

MMMM are you going to share?

I know he is a cutie GU ... at least what he will allow us to see no? ;-D

*giggles* Hello dalring...ahh was there any doubt that I can be naughty darling ..*blushes*<br />
*hugs OD and runs out*