Suddenly They Were Beautiful

I'd been married for some time when some friends of ours became homeless. We offered them space on our floor without a second thought. I started spending lots of time with them. We Were sharing movies, music, food. Talking about anything and everything, when the subject came up about sex. My husband and I, while we have very deep religious beliefs, are very free with our bodies and believe they are to be shared. As time went on, we discovered that H(the girl) was bi-curious. She wanted to try being with a woman but didn't know how. Now, I've chosen a man as my life-partner but I've wandered onto the other side a time or two and not found the experience entirely unpleasant. So I figured "what better way for H to find out how far she swings than with me. I'm safe, clean, careful, and I care about her a great deal. She knows How I swing and her man(like most men) is not opposed to watching or even taking part in a three or foursome. So we did. It started with me touching her breasts and running my fingers down her belly and ended with us holding hands as our men gave us screaming *******. A few days later we went further. I teased her a lot and used my hands to give her an ****** while my husband was inside her and hers in me. Now the four of us have decided to move in together and buy a house.
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Oh, that would be a wonderful arrangement. No one need ever know goes on behind closed doors. For years when my wife and I were swapping and enjoying ********** she was the youth choir director of our church and no one ever suspected. Her public personality and dress were quigte conservative, but after some alcohol and in the bedroom it was another story. <br />
Enjoy yourselves!!!

whoa! The youth choir director. How many times I have wondered about the preachers wife, the youth directors wife, ect. Would love to hear more!