A Foursome Repeated!

This is a true story about a repeat performance with the same couple and other man that I had back in October... if you haven't already read THAT story, you might want to read it first.

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This happened in mid-January, at the same recurring lifestyle party where the previous foursome occurred.  I arrived about two hours after the party had started (these parties are supposed to last 6 hours, but often are closer to 7), just as it was moving from the social phase into the sexual phase!!  Good timing on my part.  (Not that I mind the social side of things, but sometimes it just gets old, with so many folks NOT really being into actual play.)  Shortly after I'd arrived, I again saw the guy, D, who I had met and participated in the foursome with at the October (Halloween) party.  We said hi, then started talking about the awesome foursome experience we had shared at that previous party.  Read the story referenced above for the full details, but the key points are that although the husband, J, was the only one who ****** her, D and I had plenty of ***** eating and *** sucking, and truly enjoyed the company of this very orgasmic woman, L.
So, when I met up with D, we both started reminiscing about how wonderful that foursome had been the last time, and marveled together at her incredible squirting!!  And wouldn't you know it, right about then who should show up but L and J!!  L walked up to me and put her arms around my neck and gave me a deep kiss, with a lot of tongue!!  Oh, my god, what a greeting!!  She then whispered in my ear, "I want to **** you!"  Wow!  This was going to be a GOOD evening!!  She then greeted D by kissing him too, though she still kept one arm around me.  We all started to talk about how wonderful that last time had been, and as D and I raved about what an amazing, sexy and beautiful woman she is, she was clearly getting aroused all over again!  And though D was standing right there, clearly younger than me and more fit, she focused most of her attention on ME!  She told me twice more that she wanted to **** me, and her husband was starting to look a little uncomfortable.  I'm not sure what was going on between them, but considering that the husband had last time told us that HE was the only one permitted to **** her, I was starting to get a little concerned that I might be getting into the middle of some drama.  J pulled L aside and they spoke with in whispers for a few minutes, after which L pulled away from him and back to me, putting her arms around my neck again, saying "I want to **** Steve!"  (that's me).  J simply said, casually, "As long as you are sure."  She didn't seem quite ready to play just yet, though  ... I think she needed a few more drinks... but she certainly was flirting, and she was turned to "High"!!
While L & J socialized with other party-goers, D went and got a massage (there was a professional masseuse at the party, as a guest and personal friend of the hosts), and wouldn't you know it, THAT is when L decided she was ready to play.  We looked for D, but she decided she couldn't wait... she told her husband that she wanted my **** inside her, and her husband agreed, as long as I wore a condom.  Oh, YES, this was going to be nice!  We went to a bedroom, the same one we had played in the previous time, and before I even had a chance to help her, she was naked!!  Her husband chuckled at how fast she did that.  He told me, "She's been horny for you!"  Then she helped me get naked, and after eating her ***** for a while, bringing her to two ******* already, she finally asked me to put on a condom so I could **** her!  I didn't hesitate... my condom was on in seconds, and she spread her legs for me so I could slide my **** into her wet, ready *****!!  We ****** missionary-style as her husband watched, and after about three more ******* -- two of them squirting -- (it seems my **** was hitting her g-spot JUST right!), she asked to get on top.  Now, my favorite position of all is cowgirl, so I was eager to comply!  J continued to watch as L rode me as though I was a rodeo bull, as I fondled her breasts. That is, after all, why that position is my fave.  She had yet another ******, gushing her *** all over my **** as we ******!  After a while, it seemed to me that J was feeling a little left out, as she was even ignoring his **** as he offered it in hopes of getting it sucked.  I was really afraid he was going to get offended at being neglected like that, so I whispered into L's ear, "I think we should let your husband **** you now!"
"But I'm enjoying YOUR ****," she replied, loud enough for him to hear.  ****, I didn't want him to get pissed off!
So I said to her, in a soft whisper, "If you let him **** you now, I would love to eat his ********!"  She smiled, hugged me, and kissed me deeply.  Then as L rolled off of me, she asked J to **** her... and of course, as he was the husband, he did NOT use a condom!  I lay next to them as they ******, and  watched with rapt attention!!  As J pounded L, she reached over and stroked my **** for me... which was still rock-hard!  It didn't take very long, what with L knowing JUST how to squeeze her hubby's ****, until J shot his load deep inside her... I think it only took about two minutes of attention from her talented vagina!
As they had been *******, that is when D arrived after having finished his massage.  He swore a little at having missed part of the fun, but didn't waste much time.  He watched with me as they finished *******, enjoying seeing J *** inside L!  After J climbed off of his wife, though I wanted to go down on her, D wasn't aware of what I had said to L earlier, and he proceeded to insert two fingers into her ***-filled *****!  He finger-****** her quite nicely, bringing her to yet another of her squirting *******, unfortunately flushing some of her husband's *** from her *****.  But then I got my chance.  I had been kissing L's belly as D finger-****** her, moving further down towards her *****, until my tongue was starting to taste J's *** that was being worked out of L's ***** by D's vigorous activity!  She told D she needed a break from his fingers, and that's when I made my move.  I bent down and started to kiss her sticky ****, testing the waters to make sure she was cool with it.  She was just moaning in delight!!  So I adjusted my position to where I was lying between her legs, face in her ***-filled *****, and proceeded to eat her out!  GOD, it tasted amazing!!  I think the husband was a little freaked out by it, but SHE loved it!!
After I had cleaned most of the *** from within her, D finally got his turn to **** her too... though he had had a bit too much to drink, and couldn't keep it up very long.  But all-in-all, it was an awesome experience for us, but especially for L and I.  I just hope J wasn't too offended... I don't want him vetoing any future play!
Later, after we were all dressed again, the wife hugged me and told me that what we had just shared was the best sexual experience she had EVER had!  Damn, how that does things to my ego!!
Another cool thing?  The husband told me he's been wanting to find a man willing to produce a recent STD screening, because he wants his wife to be ****** bareback so that HE can experience sloppy seconds with his incredible wife!!  I plan to have such a screening in hand for the next party, in hopes that they will be there and that they will allow ME to be the one!  Oh, GOD, if that happened, I do so hope I also get to eat her double-********, my *** AND his!!
Damn, I am living a good life!!!
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I saw J&L again at that party in Cctober, but didn't get to play. In November, they were there, but I got to do is eat her ***** for a while... which was still quite nice! Haven't seen them since then, but hoping to see them again for another 3some or 4some!

Wow, it's indeed a good life. Wonder when you will take the next "Bi" step and handle J yourself?

No, J is strictly straight. Played with them again at a recent party, but he's strictly straight. L is turned on by the idea of me doing a bi-3some with her and another man, but that man would NEVER be her husband!! I respect his choice, and will not pressure him to change his mind...though if his WIFE wants to work on him, THAT is another story...