About 15 years ago, the next-door neighbors came over all excited. Shelly was so full of happiness. For years Shelly had complained about her flat chest. Today, she had returned from having breast implant surgery that she got out of state on vacation.
Here, the family and I are setting in our family room, when Shelly pulls up her tube top to show us her new breast. “Are they not the most beautiful things you have every seen”? she asked. My teenage son, in a gasp said: “Yes”
Then her husband tells me “Fill them are like the real thing.”
My wife was pissed when I did. Heck I never had felt fake boobs before; I wanted to know how they felt.
Later in the week, my wife admitted she felt them also the next day, when no one else was around.
It is one of those strange memories in life.
Jones47 Jones47
61-65, M
Aug 13, 2010