Ive written so much about him that im still surprised to get emotional over writing about him again.

I dont even know what to type honestly, ummm- i dont want to say the usual ****. He was great but, everyone seems to say that about whatever person that passed away. Even if the person was a complete douchebag.

In his case he honestly was. And i dont like many people to begin with so that tells you alot. And for him to put up with me since our Freshman year of HS says alot about him. I mean, you think im obnoxious on EP? Im even worse in person.

Anyway, i miss him. More than i care to share at this point.

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We do all love you, Batzy, for good reason. You are a wonderful person. Mwahs & hugs in abundance.

=) love you too babes

thank you Jedi =) <br />
<br />
awwwww i love you guys too!

Sorry Batzy... As for the jackass wanting details, I think he's just a sick and sad sap that honestly doesn't realize his own ignorance. It's not an excuse.<br />
<br />
Nothing said will ever truly comfort you but I do want to say that I think, while it hurts, that the fact you're remembering him is a good thing. It's okay if he wasn't perfect... nobody really is.<br />
<br />
Stay strong.

='( ahhhh you fukkers are so sweet. Now im crying. uggggh! mwah thank you

thanks guys...... really. Thank you so much. <br />
<br />
lol, i usually try not to post these things. I even tried deleting the damn story but, EP wont let me! <br />
<br />
*group hugs*

Aww Batz, I'm sorry that I didn't see this sooner. That is so unbelievably sad. I really can't imagine what that would feel like to be the one left behind to deal with everything. I hope you know that I will always listen if you want to talk/write. I know nothing can make the pain go away but I hope that today you are feeling a little better. Huge hugs and kisses to you, my little sweetheart. Let me know if you need anything, k? xo...

Sorry. That's sad. Nothing really more to say, don't keep it inside.

awwy. mommy. i didn't know that. did u feel greatly for him?

i agree the person is clearly messed up on a huge level ...block them like everyone else if your smart......asking how someone killed themselves is just sick .....all we want is to tell you that we're here for you if you ever need a metaphorical shoulder to cry on

TE no one is here for anyone......... at least not for too long. But thanks

i havent been used yet and i just missed the sarcasim bc it was about such a deep topic...u know im here for you i hope

no worries babycakez, did you get your wish yet? being raped by a guy or a girl? <br />
<br />
Oh and FYI i read it right.....im not sure if you're dense or just dont see sarcasm when its being thrown at you. <br />
<br />
But thanks for stopping by. Laterz

if u read right i told u i wasnt going to push you.....wow im sorry i was asking....should u just forget i am here

My question is why do you want details? what fukkin diffference does it make to you? Or for that matter, why does it even change the fact that he killed himself? <br />
<br />
The original story was that he hung himself in his bathroom. The real story from his brother was that he went to the ba<x>sement and hung himself there. No one was home. He left his pretty lil newlywed bride a widow. And left the rest of us to pick up the pieces and question wtf we did wrong.

i would love more if you can provide....i wont make you do anything you aint comfy with tho

i cant begin to understand how you must feel. Bayzy if you ever need anyone to talk to i'm here for ya. if this makes me feel awful then i cant begin to think of how this makes me feel

care for any more details lovie?

he hung himself.

how did he do it