My Friend Died, It Was ******.

Okay, me and my two frieds get together, we got a shitload of mescaline tabs, and my other friend brings some lithium pills. So I take three mesc tabs, my other friend takes four, and snorts a bunch of lithium dust, and my other friend snorts some too, and according to him, he took like fifteen or something, he's not sure. Tabs. So we're all getting high, and we decide to go to the store for some smokes, and maybe some liquor. We're like sixteen, but, this is in Detroit. So we start going, and my friend who took four and some lithium starts freaking out. He's been reading these Carlos Casteneda books, and he thinks the Allies are coming to get him. He's bad off, shaking, drooling, so we start taking him back to the house, one each holding his hand, telling him he's gonna be alright, it's all good.

We get him to the house, he steps across the threshhold, and goes into a gran mal seizure. My one friend, who took like fifteen says " This is too much man, come back when it's over. So I'm left with my twitchy friend. I'm trippin balls at this point. So I run next door, and call an amublance. Won't explain anything, because the guy who lives there ( his mom's house) we can't get her freaked out. So I don't say nothing, just order up an ambulance. So like half, and hour later, the ambulance shows up ( This is Detroit, remember). In the meantime, my friend wakes up. He just sits up, grabs a smoke and lights it. " Oh, I'm okay man" he says. I slapped him as hard as I could and yelled " I thought you were ******' dead, man!" he's like, I'm sorry I'm sorry, groping for the cigarette I slapped out of his mouth, so I hand it to him, and he gets sloppy and incoherent.

So I ride in the ambulance with him, and give them his information, who to call, his name, that ****, what the problem was, ect. So we get to the hospital, and they off load him, I leave, and go home. I'm really tripping balls now. I'm all the way up. So I ge home, tell my dad I'm tired, and I'm going to bed, I go to bed and see/experience infinity. No ****. In the middle of this profound experience, my phone rings, and it's my other friend. " I'm real ****** up, man, I'm having a bad trip, come over, dude, please". So I do. **** what a night.

Socklord Socklord
31-35, M
Feb 19, 2010