Someone Stole My Phone Over 5$

im a body piercer and and a guy brought his girlfriend in to get her nose pierced. nice i thought it was cute acctually. cute lol. so next he asked her if she could give him 20$ so he could get his nipples pierced. he didn't quite have enough i guess. so after telling my co-worker i'm not gonna pay 80$ to get both nipples pierced he comes up to me and says will you do it for75$?? i told him sorry i dont make the prices its 80$ for both nipples so he said fine and we did the piercings. stupid me i'm thinking yay i'll make some money tonight. after he leaves i go to text my friend and my phone isn't where i left it. so i looked everywhere pulled stuff out lifted everything. it was gone. still didn't want to believe someone would steal it so i called it like 10 times and my boss called it like another 3 times. nothing. of course i had a copy of the kids id's cause i need them for th piercing waviers so i get the phone number and called "her" mom. so he calls me right back and says dude i'm sorry is there anything i can do for you??

all over 5$ and on top of that my cell phone is my alarm clock. wonderful right.

i'm so pissed i cant even be mad you know. i just laughed.
highvoltage27 highvoltage27
26-30, F
Jul 15, 2010