My sister has been diagnosed with epilepsy since she was 14. She had her first seizure in school. I remember having to go to the hospital with her, and everyone watched as we went away in the ambulance. She was wearing odd socks that day, she's never worn odd socks since.

She's down to one seizure a year, but it's the recovery from it that always hurts. Her fiance left her when he realised the 'extra' responsibility it would be on him to look after her. She just needs to make sure she gets enough sleep and not drink too much.

The year before lasts New Years she had a really bad fit where she fell down the stairs. She was inches away from hitting her head on the cupboard. Sometimes it's bad enough for her to need oxygen for a while afterwards, but her seizures are now fewer and touch wood, she hasn't had a 'bad' one in a while.

She hates that she can't do 'normal' things, and that it's such a huge part of her life. I hate that too.

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You are a true survivor through this missy, you're so strong, no matter what type they are, they affect you in many ways. x


i should say so!

aw thank you, she's doing so much better now too withouth him :)

tell ya what....a blessing that that guy left. better know now he's a ****** then 10 years down the road! your sis is just as beautiful as you are; can't imagine either of you not eventually finding someone halfway worthy of you :)

Thank you, she's got an amazing job most would kill for, she just can't drive

Thank you x

Its good to hear that the seizures are far apart and not so hard. But its hard to have to be careful all the time, and know you can't do everything you may want to. This is the time i would want to be there for them. She is in our prayers.

hehe I will

ha ha... just say it's from an anonymous friend....

I will do, she'll probably give me the weirdest look and ask if I've broken something, but I will

Good for you!!!! What a self-centered jerk. I hope you give your sis a hug from me next time you see her.

I think it hit home when he went to a check up with her. I keyed his car after he said that.

Damn... my heart goes out to her... really. And that fiance that left her? What a ******* a-hole. If something like this happened to Kris I would just embrace her the harder!!! That's what love is.

She can do normal things, just has to be careful

Wrong, your sister can do normal things, a thousand of them, but she just does not put a lot of sweat and strand into it. Each time she has a seizure, memory brain cells are lost. She will forget her child hood, growing up together. It may be a good idea to repeat stories, and pictures each year, so that she will know her childhood. My brother has seizures too, and that is what I know about the effect of seizures. Unfortunately, as you know by now, your sister does not know a seizure is happening, so be prepared to re-act accordingly to save her from surroundings that will hurt her.