I Just Remembered This Now, And I'm Rethinking It..

This is so weird! I completely forgot about most of this until just now!

 We had these long bonding talks on the phone for about a year. It all went no where. It was a nice experience for me, yes. To bond with someone, to get someone so stoic and emotionally deprived to actually experience some emotional nourishment. To get him to open up and learn to develop feelings and relationships with people. I got nothing in return for this, it was just something I was determined to help him experience. I wanted him to learn how to love, and i didn't care if it was with me. I just wanted him to be able to.

 He eventually acted really strange to me later in life, I don't really know why he did this.

This was what our last conversation consisted of: He currently had a girlfriend. She was upset because she was always working and resented him because they never got to talk or hang out. He was wondering if they would break up. I explained her point of view to him, and asked him how he felt about her. I then told him, "That's what you need to tell her!" I explained that she just needs to know how much he loves her, and that he will make efforts to spend time with her when he can, but that he's just working extra hard right now to get a place. He said to me "That's what I always liked about you, You always understand, You always know just what to say". I specifically made sure I put efforts in to help their relationship and that I cared. There was no flirting between us but he did make me feel a little bit like he may still have some lingering feelings for me. I was looking out for his best interest though and ended up saving his relationship with the girl. They are still together, this happened years ago. After this conversation, maybe a week later i got a call on my cell, I missed it so i called back. I girl answered, said hello, heard my voice and hung up. I called back and no answer. I waited a week and called; no answer. I didn't want to call again because I felt weird after. I ran into him 3 times in the next few months at the mall, and he pretended he didn't see me and avoided me all three times o.o 

Then on facebook he sent me this email, -Hey i loss my phone and ended up getting a new number it's (his number here)
I said: wait, is this a mistake?
i wasnt sure you wanted to talk to me anymore lol 
i just dont want to text you or add the number if you want to be left alone thats all

I never got a response.
Then,  months later

Me:Hey how are you?

No response for four days.

Him:I've been good.... You?

Then I proceeded to make some small talk, which he never responded to xD

Yeah I don't know. This was all a year ago, I forgot about it all until now actually. 
I know he's doing well so I don't really care if we talk at this point I guess. I just kind of wonder what was up with all the confusing stuff that happened in between
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18-21, F
May 21, 2012