The Lights

As a child one of the few places my mum would take me and my brother was the local games arcade. We would spend hours in there, my mum would be so hooked on the machines sometimes that we would be there until the place closed. We never minded back then, we used to love when my mum would give us a few pound to play the machines or go on the little games. The lights used to fascinate me. I guess that it was only natural that when I'd get my pocket money I would go to the arcade and spend it in there. Things got worse when I got my first job at 15, I'd get paid about £40 for the weekend and most would go in the machines. When I left school at 16 at worked full time I'd spend even more in there. Eventually I worked two jobs mainly to fund my habit.I can't really remember when or how it stopped, I think it was when I got with an ex boyfriend. He'd hate me going in there and would refuse to go with me, so I spent more time with him and less time in the arcade. I very rarely go now, and when I do I can limit myself to only spend £10. I'm so glad I got over my addiction as I have seen my mum waste thousands in the machines, one day she spent a grand in a few hours, I hated her for that, I'd needed new school shoes and she said she had no money and then I found out she'd been gambling all day. I had a lot of friends who would grass her up to me if she had been in there. We used to argue about it alot. She still goes now, I don't think she'll ever give it up. I told her she could buy one to keep at home for just over a hundred pounds, but she's just not interested.
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2 Responses Sep 23, 2007

I dont think I understand them either but I seem to get addicted to everything, which is why I have never taken drugs, I know that if I tried just once it would be once to many. Its not worth it for me to try them.

I'm glad your mum got help, it's a horrible addiction that ruins so many lives. I was lucky that my addiction hadn't got too strong a grip of me, the most I ever spent was £100 in a day. I'm not on good terms with my mum but I hope that she eventually gets help like your mum did.