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At The Spa

I was naked on the table ....except for a small white towel....and when i felt her hands movIng up on my inner thighs....well....there was no stopping least she smiled...thank god! And when it was time for me to turn over...she pulled the towel back and saw the whole package.....: )
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The first time I had a "normal" shampoo was done by an elderly lady like 70, I was only 17.
It was a good thing she left that long cape on when she was done, I almost needed the towel. Now that was embarrassing.

Would love to have seen the expression on her face, when she removed that towel!!!

She never knew but I felt she did and the whole world.

Oh you poor thing I wonder how you would have felt if she had noticed. For your future psychological welfare, its probably a good thing you didn't have the experience of being exposed with erection at 17 with a 70 year old woman. I do mean this in this in the best way...nothing but good intentions meant.

Now that being said you were a healthy hormonal raging 17 year old young buck! Being young these things happen. I just turned 25 last week. So I still can recall some unintentional body responses from my teens. Besides it still happens from time to time.Hey! That's just the way the body is. Besides I am convinced this is how we learn about our sexual selves in a way. Though my heart has always went out to males because your bodies betray you because your excitment is visible bummer for you guys. This is one of the reasons I love being a female I can be so turned on and excited in a room full of people and no one would be the wiser about what's going on. Unless of course they are good at reading people and can tell that I am turned on because of my excessive giggling state hahaha oops!! Oh well that's life :)

Awww thanks ,, but it was just one of those things. Really no way she could of seen the cape was so long it went to my ankles. Strange thing is that this would always happen if old ladies did my hair , I've had young old men women do it but it was something about the 60 s era style beauty shops that got me aroused like that. In still remember it like it was yesterday 25 yrs later... And I went back to that beauty shop for 3 yrs right thru practically all of high school and college , and it was one of 2 old shampoo ladies that took care of me. My stylist was about 30

Haha nice, well then this is something that is an attraction for you so no need to feel ashamed. Please never feel this way, be proud embrace it!!

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I'm sure she took it as a complement! Lol

I have not seen it since I am not in your circle, but based on some of the comments I have read about you from women on here, the towel COULDN'T have been THAT small... :P

As you can see even women get hot getting a massage. I definitely am one of them to have someone with a wonderful touch rubbing on you and just so lightly move up your thigh while you are in the most relaxed state mmmm. It is to bad that they don't keep on going and just finish you off. Now I want a massage!!!!!

Lucky her

Went to a hotel that had beach massages. They had a tent with no sides with 2 tables under it. This excited me greatly because I knew that not only would the therapist see me in hard in my speedo, but others passing by on the beach as well. Also, because it was on the beach, they made you keep your bathing suit on and lay on a towel. They were not covering the people getting the massage.<br />
About 40 minutes before the massage, I popped a viagra. When I arrived for my appointment, the therapist told me to go ahead and lay down face up to begin. Because of the viagra and the shear excitement of what was to come next, I was already partially erect. The therapist began with my shoulders and neck before she moved to my legs. As she started to rub up my legs, my penis became totally erect. I had pointed it upward in my speedo so that it would lay flat against my tummy. Her hands worked up my leg to my thigh, very close to my package. I was rock hard. I looked to the side as a few women walked by and they were staring right at me. This was so exciting that I just smiled at them. I looked back at the therapist and she smiled. She knew what was going on, but didn't seem to mind. As she finished my left leg, instead of moving to the other side to work on my right leg, she just reached over me to massage my right leg. As she did this, she had to bend over me which made her arms rub right across my rock hard erection. She did this back and forth completely rubbing my erection with her arms and elbo. I felt like she was ******* me off, and I almost came! She could tell how excited I was and stopped right before I couldn't stop. Sadly, at this point, she said time to turn over for your back. Sure didn't want to, but had no choice. Loved it so much, that I went back the next day and got the same treatment. I'll definitely be back!

Ill have to try that next time.

I'm going on vacation next weekend and am planning on getting a massage. This time, I'm going to purposely get an erection by taking some viagra. I'm just hoping that I get a young therapist to see what happens. Any advice from others as to how I can get her to see my erection?

I was at a spa getting a massage from a woman in her mid 50's. Not very atrractive, but really good with her hands. She strted with me facing up and did my entire body. So far, so good, no excitement. It just felt good. So she then asks me to flip over on my front. Well, when I did this I was totally soft down there and my man parts slid between my legs, almost in a tucked position. As she woked on my back, the side to side motion of my body made my man parts slip around between my legs. This friction began to make me hard. Because I was tucked down between my legs, pointing straight towards my feet, it wasn't that uncomfortable, but I could feel that I was now rock hard. The therapist was finished with my back and started to do my feet. She slowing lifted my left leg to work on my foot and calve. At this point, if she was looking, I'm sure that she would see my erection between my legs. What could I do? She was very professional though and just asked me if I was comfortable and I said yes. After she finished my with my feet and lower legs, she began rubbing the back of my thighs with lots of oil. I felt the oil dripping between my legs on to my **** and balls. It was very warm and slippery and made the friction go away, but it felt so good that I could not lose the erection. As she rubbed my thighs, she used her hand to seperate my thighs a little so that she could run her hands up the inside of my thigh. As she concentrated on my left leg, running both of her hands up in and, the back side of her hand came in contact with my riggid penis. It did not phase her and she continued to rub up and down my right thigh while obviously knowing that the backside of her hand was rubbing my erection. After several minutes of this, she started on my left thigh. As she did, she again parted my legs a bit and ran her hands up my left thigh. This time her right hand was more open and she literally ran her right hand up my now super rock hard penis while remaining contact with my thigh. She quickly backed her hands away and said, "oh...sorry!" I know she was being professional, but there is no way that she didn't know that would happen. She asked me if I needed to reposition, so I moved my hips around a little to ack like I was trying to tuck it away, but at that point all I could do was move it a little to the other side. So she spent another 5 minutes on that thigh, with again the top of her right hand making contact with my hard member as she rubbed up and down my thigh. This didn't seem to bother her because she wasn't actually touching me, just the top of her hand was rubbing up and down my ****. I came about as close as you can to *******. After she finished my thigh, she said that's your massage. I'll give you a few minutes to relax while I get you some water. She left the room so I turned over to catch my breath. I was still hard as a rock and really wanted to finish myself off, but knew that I would have to wait till I got to the shower. I was trying to relax but was still quite excited. I figured I'd get up and get in a robe before she came back with the water. I pulled the towel off and slid off the table, and threw the towel on the table. The robe hook was on the back of the door. As I walked across the room naked to get my robe, I'm a few feet from the door when the therapist swings open the door to see me standing there naked, still...with a full on erection. She quickly went to close the door, but as she's closing it, one of the other young therapists happens to be walking down the hall and sees right into the room at me at just the right time. Holy ****! I'm walking with a full on ***** and 2 women see it, WOW! I was embarassed yet so completely excited. I put on the robe and said you can come in now. She said sorry about that. I said no problem, I'm sorry too. On my way out of the spa after showering, I walked right by the young therapist that had seen me. She just gave me a big smile and said, "hope you enjoyed your massage. I'm Cindy, if you want to try me next time." Not sure if she was just looking for business or if she liked what she saw. Either way, next time I'm booking Cindy!

If it means I would meet guys like you all day long, I should consider becoming a professional masseuse :D

I never had a professional massage before July of this year. Now, I'm hooked. The technique of each is different, and I have only had one bad one - she was drunk and slurring, holding onto me to keep from falling down. I know she was drunk, because she was perfectly nice the first time, and we had a great conversation. After time two, I have not gone back to her.<br />
<br />
With the towel, some look openly, and others are careful not to. I am in their hands, quite literally, so there is always an anticipation and excitement factor. Some don't use a towel at all, my favorites. After a couple of very nice massages, I went back on my next visits and gave these two lovely women massages - they remained clothed, and I kept my shorts on. These were perhaps my best experiences, and it gave them a bit of rest in what is a physically demanding job. I cnsider myself to be very fit, and I worked up quite a sweat doing this.

I would think that's pretty normal when someone is touching your inner thigh....<br />
I know as a girl if my masseuse were touch touch my inner thigh it would turn me on but luckily since I'm a girl it doesn't show! hehehe!!! ;-)

I would have had to at least graze the top of your thigh accidently on purpose, lol. I'd never make a professional, lol.

I'm not surprised she was could you not looking at your lovely package! She was also being very professional, which I suppose is a very good thing and will keep you coming back for more. Oh how I wish I'd become a MT lol

Believe it or not, this happens to every and I mean "EVERY' man I give a massage to. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and was working in a salon once. I had an 80 year old Judge on my table, then before I knew it ...BOINNNnnnnngggGGG!!! No pup tent. This thing was like one of those Super Sleepers that has the built in casino and mini bar! LOL Before you ask, no, no, and HELL NO, there was no happy ending!!! He he he he he!

Aw man, I'd have taken my time teasing you. Love it.

It's just so damned erotic for me to be relaxed, on the table, hands resting on my legs stretched out...sporting a full blown hard-on while the massuse does her magic all over me...stroking my thighs, tickling them..playing with my ball....I mean, I really get so hard because I feel I am offering my **** to her to do whatever she wants..<br />
<br />
It's a safe way to expose yourself to somebody who wants to see you, which makes the whole scene even more sexually charged...<br />
<br />
I am getting hard as I write this, so I have to drop my shorts, I really am...<br />
<br />
And, of couse the massusse is nude, too -- so it's ALL good...and this alwaqys ends with a hand job, my **** in her breasts, or we wind up 69'ing....******* fantastic...<br />
<br />
Oh, yeah, there might be some *******, too...but not all the time...

I went to a massage place in Thailand with a group of people, I think maybe all women, and the ladies came out to do the massages and they all looked fantastic except one big fat one. Well lucky me goy that lady which was probably lucky otherwise I am sure I would have gotten pretty hard. I must say the massages in Thailand are excellent, it is like doing yoga but you lie there and they do all the work. The Thai government actually trains the ladies so they can have some independence and earn money in a respectable way.


That sounds very hot I think I would probably have blown by the time she finished. I had an ayurvedic massage in India done by two guys whilst wearing a paper g string. There hands were all over me brushing over my **** and balls. I managed to keep it half erect but when one got in the shower to give me a body scrub I could have wanked rioght there I was so horny and the guy was very handsome. Overall it was a fantastic massage, steam bath and body scrub.

Wouldnt that have been awesome if she took her panties off and jumped right on top of your hard ****? Now... That would be a great ending to a massage!<br />
Sounds like she wanted approval to hop on, by the smile she gave you! <br />
I mean, you have a nice size package, my dear!!!


Lucky girl!!! I don't know how she could have resisted........:)

Wow, I bet you made her day! Then did she give you a happy ending to your massage? : )