My 'normal' Massage That Was A Bit More

I've just had the last couple of weeks off for my Christmas break so I decided to treat myself to a nice massage before I went back to work. I googled some massage ads (the normal ones) in my area & thought it would be cheaper to go for a home based service rather than a studio. I found one that read "gentle soothing massage" or something similar & made an appointment that afternoon.

Before I continue I'll just let you know that in the past when I have had massages I sometimes get a part erection a few times & used to be embarrassed in case they noticed. I had always wore undies before & always draped but I'm sure it was still noticeable even under the towel. I just tried to think of something else so it would go away. Lately however, something has changed & I have found myself wanting to have an erection the next time I go (which is not very regular) & have the masseusse notice & even "accidentally" touch it while she's massaging my thighs etc. The idea of that now seemed quite exciting & there was a better chance of something happening in a home situation as well.

Anyway, I arrived at the house & the door opened. Unlike a lot of stories you may have read - a young beautiful hot sexy woman did NOT appear at the other side. Instead it was an elderly petite lady I'd say around 70 years old. My heart sank. I thought "there goes my exciting massage I was fantasizing about!" Should I just make some excuse & leave? Oh well I'm here now... So I followed her into her living room where there was a massage table set up at one end as well as scented oil burning & a rack of about 100 different little bottles of oil or scents or something. She asked me some questions about what sort of massage I would like, if I was tense or had been under stress & if there were any areas that needed attention. I told her I had a fair bit of stress in the last few months & just wanted to treat myself to a massage from head to toe.

She said to undress down to what I felt comfortable & also offered a sarong if I wanted it. I thought... what the heck.. I'll undress completely.. might give the old bird a shock. I undressed slowly waiting for her to go out of the room but she just stayed there talking to me. Worst of all I could feel myself getting an erection already.. WTF?? OMG.. This is embarrassing now. I hadn't *********** for about a week to make sure I could easily get an erection but NOT NOW... PLEASE! I quickly removed my undies & tried to hide my half erection while climbing onto the table face down & quickly arranging my **** to lay flat against my tummy. It was ok I said to myself. She'll cover me with a towel & then things will settle down. Well the towel never came. No covering at all. I thought that was what she would use the sarong for. Nope. Nothing.

So let's see... 1st naked massage. 1st massage with no draping. 1st massage by a 70 year old woman who looked like she wouldn't be able to lift my arm. 1st erection BEFORE the massage even started. What's next? She started the massage by pressing down on my feet & back on opposite sides for about 10 secs each. Dunno what that did. Maybe it helps her "tune" into me. Then she started massaging my legs a bit though not very firm. She moved up to my thighs & surprisingly was not afraid to get close to my boys & even slightly brushed them a couple of times. I could feel my **** hardening underneath me again. I guess when I'm laying face down I kinda forgot I was being massaged by this old woman. It could have been anyone's hands. My **** certainly didn't know the difference. She then moved onto my butt & seemed to spend quite a bit of time there which I must admit felt good. I was actually starting to enjoy the experience.

It sure felt better not having undies on to get in the way. I even mentioned that to her. She agreed & said that a lot of massage therapists worry too much about sticking to the rules instead of just being able to give the client an enjoyable experience. If the 2 parties don't have a problem with how the massage is done then why worry about draping etc? Sounds good to me! She then worked on my back & placed a warm towel on me before going back again to my butt. She asked if everything was ok & if I was comfortable. I said yes everything is good. I think she was testing to check if I had a problem with her getting close to & touching my boys which I'm sure she did on purpose as it happened several times. After another couple of minutes she actually touched my balls directly & gently tickled them for a few seconds. Wow.. this lady has guts. She must have been able to tell I was enjoying the contact. By now my hardon was fully happening & I was glad when she said to roll over so it would ease the pressure from laying on it.

I flopped over & my **** waggled about as I settled. I could see her eying it off but I just laid back & closed my eyes & tried not to think about it too much. She said "I hope you're not worried about erections or anything". I said "no it's fine. I'm happy for you to continue like you have been". I thought I would give her the green light to see what else she would do. She started on my legs again & when she got to my thighs her strokes became more soft & sensual like she was trying to arouse me which of course was working. She let her hands brush against my balls several times again. Then she started working on my chest & stomach & gradually worked her way down to my throbbing **** which by now felt like it was going to explode. Her hands glided over my tummy as far down as she could go which of course meant that she kept bumping my **** & brushing her hands underneath it. With every movement she did & could see I was not objecting, she got more & more adventurous with her touches. Then she actually slid both hands down my tummy to the base of my **** & started massaging my balls gently with one hand. The other hand then slowly slid up my shaft & cupped the head & made circling motions. It must have been the oil she was using because the slightest touch from her hands felt super sensitive.

WOW.. I never expected this. My mind was racing. Here I was laying naked on a table & this old lady was basically giving me a *******. Sounds kinda creepy but at that point it didn't matter cos I knew I was going to blow any minute. She continued ever so gently slowly stroking my ****. I think she was enjoying it as well. I wanted it to continue a bit longer but I couldn't hold back any more. I shot several big loads all over my tummy which had been patiently waiting for a week to come out. She seemed pleased at the result & cleaned me up with a small towel. I got up & got dressed all the while she did not leave the room which felt a bit weird. I would have preferred her to leave the room initially & also at the end instead of staying there but I guess she's already seen everything now so it didn't matter too much. She asked if I enjoyed my massage & said she could tell I needed a release like that. I said I did of course & it was more than I expected.

Although it was enjoyable & quite exciting, I'm not sure if I will go back again because I don't think she is strong enough to give a proper massage. I didn't really feel as if I had my muscles massaged properly at all. Perhaps it was because she decided to give me a sensual massage instead. I'd kinda like a combination of the 2   Maybe I should give her another chance & see how she goes. What do you think?
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I would go for it.