Time For Something Positive

I just wanted to share my evening with you all because it was just that much fun. I was worried when I left the office because the X was yelling about my son not listening and said he didn't want to go to class. I knew that when I picked him up he'd be mad and in fight mode so I quickly planned my turn around.

Everyone in the car and his lip poked out I started up a game of "Simon says" while we drove. Just got his mind off his fathers screaming and cheered him up for the night. We went to the craft store from there and I gave the two little ones a dollar each to spend on something fun. They both got these really long, almost sword like, packs of bubbles with wands about 9 inches in length. When we got home we all came in and changed into play cloths and went out to the pond. The breeze was so strong that all they had to do was hold the wand up and the bubbles flew everywhere. We fed the ducks goldfish crackers to keep them away from our fun and played out there for about an hour... giggles, running and being silly.

From there it was bath time with extra bubbles and silly dancing (1,2,3, be a tree) and then I made them dinner. They were starving so I served them a dish of fruit to keep them busy and then an easy pizza (they so love pizza) for the little ones and the last burger for the teen. We cleaned up from their dinner and then pulled out the Valentine stuff from the craft store. I had mini containers of playdoh left over from last V day and we bought these foam labels that look like gift tags with "to" and "from". We added two tiny holes to put a heart lollipop through and a larger whole in the corner that the mini VD playdoh fit into. My son wrote his name on them all and we added his classmates names.  A little ribbon on the end and then we let him add these foam car/race themed stickers to make them more "boy". I think they came out cute and he'll enjoy giving them out. We added a special one to the bag just for him from us so he isn't left out and he's all set.

Next, after cleaning up, I took a very large picture from our wall. It's not a picture I just love and it's in their play area so I figured I'd use it for something useful but without messing it up. I covered it with wrapping paper and then on top of that I added these print outs of the alphabet but with the ASL sign next to each letter. I figured they could study both if on the wall in sight. The picture was big so I also added a print out of our address, which my son is practicing and a list of sight words that we will work on daily until he knows them and then I can change to the next list (only five at a time).

After all this and a little free time for the kids to color and practice cutting with the kiddie scissors it was time to wrap it up. Both little ones fell right to sleep and here I am.

I think it was a fun night, maybe not what others would call fun but it worked for me. Tomorrow the teen and I will do her Valentines. She's making lip shaped cookies and we will ice and decorate them. From there I got her some cute little "love" bags w/ ties and  a little ribbon and good to go. I may do my Hershey "hugs and kisses" little bags for the ppl at work and my evening class but not sure yet. All depends on $$ which is tight right now.

OMG almost forgot... if you go to the Chuck E Cheese sight you can print up free Valentines with a coupon for 5 free tokens. I need to print those for the class tomorrow.

Anyways, as usual I can't sleep and it's too late to take a pill or I risk not getting up. GGRR!!

Hope your night was nice like mine... hugs ~MSP


mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
36-40, F
Feb 11, 2009