So Funky!!!

I just made a new friend the other night, April.  Last night on campus, the IJM was having an anti-slavery benefit concert for chapel credit, so I thought I'd go.  I was low on chapel credit, plus concerts are always fun.  Then I thought to myself, "Hey, I have a new, fun friend who loves music...why not invite her to come?"  So I called and asked if she was up for it, and she totally was!  Boy, am I glad I did!

Last night was definitely the funkiest night of my life (why I keep using the word "funky" is kind of a secret...I don't want to give away anyone's anonymity on here ;-))!  It was awesome, amazing, fun, crazy, and a great ADVENTURE!  We met half way between her house and the concert, and I drove her to the concert.  She had just got her beloved truck's transmission fixed, so she was uber excited to be able to drive her truck again!  We listened to my music on the way there in my truck.

The concert was awesome.  They had free junk food to eat, three bands played, and free t-shirts!  The t-shirts were really fun.  They were tie-dye, and we went outside and painted on them.  They had these stencils to use with words having to do with slavery on them (captured, coerced, sold, etc.), and we used those with some black spray paint to paint those words on the shirts.  April decided she was going to put EVERY WORD on her shirt, so I decided I'd rise to her challenge and do the same.  I succeeded!

There was this awesome local artist that played called Details, Details.  He was a singer/synth player.  He did electronic/techno music.  It was awesome because we were sitting right by the subwoofer, so all of his deep bass synths vibrated our brains!  After the show, April and I stuck around, and she talked to him.  She LOOOOOOVES to talk.  She's super friendly.  Which is actually really awesome for me because I love to listen!  I like outgoing people.

Finally she was ready to go, and she asked me where I was taking her.  I was thinking, "Hmm, so she doesn't necessarily just want to go home if she's asking where I'm taking her."  So I asked her if she needed to go home, and she said we can go wherever I want...I'm the wheels!  "Awesome!!!" I thought!  I asked her if there was any particular place she wanted to go, but she didn't care.  So I told her I would head home but drive through downtown instead of taking the interstate so that if she saw anywhere she would like to stop, we could stop there and hang out.  Then she started telling a story about one of her friends and her going to a hookah bar that I've never been to.  I asked if she wanted to go there.  She was like, "OMG you like hookah?"

"I love hookah!" I said.  I told her about another hookah bar I often go to, and she said this one is supposedly better.  So that's where we went!!!  She was right, it was better than the one I've been to.  It was not only a hookah bar; there was a full-service regular bar there too!  The bartender was our server, and boy was she HOTTTTT!  She was part Italian and part Native American...MMMMMM!  April wanted something jasmine flavored, so the bartender suggested a jasmine-vanilla mix.  So we got a jasmine vanilla hookah!  It actually tasted quite awesome.  I don't think it was as smooth as the hookah at the place I usually go is though.  The atmosphere makes up for it though.  This was like an actual closed in building with air conditioning, black lights, and as I said before, a full service bar.  The other place is more like a shack.  It is a bit more authentic because they play Arab music videos, but I still like the new place better.  Anyway, April got this mint tea, and she put honey in it instead of sugar.  I'd never tried that, but it tasted awesome!  I also tried this tasted kind of pineappley.  I had a Bud Light after that and drank it along with my tea.  April was like, "Are you enjoying that beer with your tea?"  I'll admit, it was quite an odd combination, but hey, it was our night!  I'm celebrating!

This whole time, April was yapping her mouth off!  She is so interesting!!!  Since we've been friends, we've jinxed each other so much!  I'm usually a quiet guy, but she's so interesting, she makes me think of tons of things to say!  We talked about school, work, music, friends, family...EVERYTHING!  We also kind of taught each other how to smoke right...we would try to see how long we could hold it in before we exhaled! =-D It also helped that my cocktail and beer made me a bit buzzed and happyyyyyyy!  Towards the end, I told her how much of a blast she was and how glad I was that I had met her.  She agreed!  She truly is the most FUN person I've ever met...even more fun than my dad!  I told her how this was the most fun night I'd had in a looooooooooooooooooooong time.  She was really flattered.  We also talked about our MBTI personality types...she's a psychology nerd too!  I'm an INTP, and she's an ENFP, just like one of my other best friends!  I get along with ENFP's really well.  We got really in-depth about that.

While we were at the hookah bar, my mom called...I didn't pick up of course.  What was I supposed to say?  "Hey Mama, I'm at a hookah bar drinking beer and smoking with a random girl I met online!  I won't be home until 5AM!"  My iPhone has an ignore button for a reason.

Anyway, we carried on, and eventually, once we were talked, smoked, and drunk out, we left.  I asked her, since she didn't drink any alcohol, if she could drive.  I have never let anyone outside of my family drive my truck...she felt very special!  She actually drove it very well.  I hesitantly asked if she could pay for some of the gas, and she said she was planning on doing that anyway.  We drove ALL OVER TOWN looking for an open gas station!  The GPS kept giving us wrong directions!  It was still a blast though...because we took turns deciding what song to listen to, and we both sang along!  She would always sing the melody, and I would harmonize.  We made an awesome duet!  She was a really good singer too!  We sang our lungs out and had the time of our life!  Eventually, she told me she didn't feel comfortable driving my truck and wanted me to drive.  So I did, and we had just as much trouble STILL trying to find a gas station.  We were also looking for one with a convenience store so I could buy a pack of gum.  After all, I didn't want to come home smelling like burnt tobacco and alcohol.  My parents wouldn't be too happy about that.  Finally, she spotted her bank's ATM machine!  She said she'd just get $20 out and give it to me to pay for my gas.  Finally, we headed to the mall where her truck was parked, still singing our hearts out.  We got there, and she gave me a huge hug and told me how much fun she had.  We finally parted ways, and I continued to look for a gas station that sold gum.  I found a Mapco fairly close to home and got some.

Then, when I least expected it, I got a call from April.  She said, "Sorry to bother you, but my truck isn't working.  He'll go in reverse, but not in drive.  I'm so sorry, but can you come and pick me up and take me home?"  So much for getting her transmission fixed!

"Sure, not a problem!" I said.

"Thank you so much!" she said.  Then she tried to tell me where she was.  It took a long time to find the gas station on my GPS, so she just gave me the intersection.  I drove there while still talking to her on the phone.  I had to drive about ten miles, and then I finally saw her.  She was actually pretty close to home, so it didn't take me a long time to get her there.  I pulled into the driveway and let her out, and she again gave me a huge hug and thanked me for being her knight in shining armor! :-P

So I finally drove home for good, hoping that my parents would be asleep.  I went inside, and, of course, my mom was awake, standing up in the kitchen, worried to death about me.  She gave me a short lecture about how I should always answer her calls and call her before I come home.  She threatened to take away my iPhone the next time I don't do so.  Ugh.  Why does she have to be a control freak?  And like I said before, what would I have said anyway?  If I told her what I was doing, that would worry her even more!  She asked where I'd been, and I just told her about the concert and told her it was really long.

I went to my computer and updated my Facebook status.  April caught me on and we talked a little longer until we were both absolutely exhausted.

WHAT.  AN.  AMAZZZZZZZZING.  NIGHT.  If it wasn't for the argument with my mom, it would have ben a PERFECT night.  I'm so incredibly glad I met her.  As long as we're friends, my life is gonna be lookin' up.  I can truly live having a friend like her instead of my normal, mundane existing.

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That's great :-D

Glad she's getting better! Mine is becoming more understanding too. =D

Glad my story could inspire y'all! And yes Shortie, there are hookah bars outside of California! They actually became popular in west Asia. We have two of them here in Nashville.<br />
<br />
Thank all three of y'all for being such awesome friends, as always =-D

It sounds like you had fun. Makes this old heart sing to hear of such a good time.

This made my day. I could n[t be happier for you, RT. You deserve some happiness in your life. She sounds like an awesome girl.

Yeah, she's definitely getting better. Now, instead of not letting me go places on my own, which she's finally doin, thank God, she just always wants me to call whenever I'm coming home and answer every phone call I get from her.

"What was I supposed to say? "Hey Mama, I'm at a hookah bar drinking beer and smoking with a random girl I met online! I won't be home until 5AM!" My iPhone has an ignore button for a reason."<br />
Bingo. =D<br />
<br />
Mom's are just that way, you know. Sounds like she's getting semi-better? I'm afraid my dad would have gone out looking for me if I didn't call back sometime within the next 20 minutes or so, haha. <br />
<br />
I'm glad that you both had such a great time! I hope the dinner and video go well! (=

I hoe so too, FITW! I know I'm going to because I'm driving her home from work tomorrow, and she's cooking dinner for me! Then we're planning on making a collab video next week!


Yeah....especially considering that you actually LIVED to tell about it!!!

Funny!!! I think my way actually worked BETTER...

Hmmm what would I have done....<br />
Well...knowing me, with all my random blonde "wisdom" I probably would have answered the phone, and then freaked out because of the background noise -afraid she'd hear, and then probably would have tried to run outside with her still on the line, to try to talk, and would have likely ended up saying something like "its not what it sounds like mom! really! I'm uh....well....hmmm where am I?? Er...uh....Let me think, I'll have to get back with you on that!!" <br />
<br />
...And then been in trouble when I got home. Either that or I'd have been to scared to go home. Heh!

What would YOU have done, SNS? The same thing as me?

Yeah, I have to admit I kinda laughed at the part about "what was I supposed to say?" "Hey Mama, I'm at a hookah bar drinking beer and smoking with a random girl I met online! I won't be home until 5AM!" <br />
<br />
:D<br />
<br />
Sometimes it's just like that....what CAN you say!! Lol!!! :)<br />
<br />
So cool you met her!!! And that you hit it off!!! Awesomeness!!!!!!! :D

Thanks, SNS! My mom actually is a lot better than she used to be. She used to not let me drive on the interstate.<br />
<br />
She is the most fun person I've met in my ENTIRE LIFE though!!!

AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
<br />
OMGOSH I am so happy for you!!!! She sounds like such a fun person!!! :D<br />
<br />
Try not to let your mom get you too down, it sounds like you aren't though!! I know exactly how moms can be, mine is the same as yours exactly, only I would dare to say even more controlling, but she isn't nearly like she used to be, I think your mom will start mellowing out a little too, really.<br />
<br />
Anyways, HAPPY for you!!! :)