Another One With The Same Woman

I had another "funky" night with April last night! Since her truck is goofed, I offered to take her home from work. So I picked her up and took her home. Her roommate was there! She wa really cool too. They cooked some lasagna for me, and we had some wine and cheese with it from a local winery. It was gooood. After dinner, I had a third glass of wine, and April wanted to practice giving foot massages (she wants to be a masseuse), and I offered to receive one :-D So I propped up longways on her couch, got a foot massage, and drank a glass of sweet Plantation wine. Life is good!!!

Then we went to April's parents' house to visit her nephew, whom they were babysitting. She had to drive my truck AGAIN because I had a little too much wine :-P. Her family was quite cool.

We went back to her house and worked on the script for our video. She was also dying to film something, so we did a funny commercial that we'll use in the video. Her roommate also helped us come up with other commercials we could do!

Finally, her roommate went to bed, and we were all alone. She wanted to watch a movie, so we watched The Cable Guy. It was quite funny, just like all of Jim Carrey's movies! Right before the movie, my mom called. I didn't hear it ring though. I got her message though, and considering how ticked she's been at me for not returning her calls, I figured I should reply. April suggested that I text her, so I did and fold her I'd be home in an hour or two.

After the movie, we just sat there on the couch together and talked. I knew I should go home, but I was enjoying the conversation too much. It was really relaxing. We talked about everything. She started talking about me, and she said I make her kind of nervous. I asked her why, and she said it was in a good way. I asked her what she meant, and she changed the subject. I'm pretty sure I know what she meant ;-D She also asked why I had offered to take her to formal in a month. I'm putting two and two together now ;-)

Then she grabbed my iPhone and started looking through my pictures. I had trouble seeing them from the angle we were sitting at. She evidently noticed because she then turned her back to me, stretched out on the couch, and laid her head on my shoulder so I could see better! That was awesome :-D

My mom called again, so I answered this time. It was about 4am. I told her I was still at my friend's house, but I was coming home right away. So I got up, but before I left, she gave me a huge, long hug! It was awesome. I got in my truck and went home. Thankfully, my mom was not up. I sneaked into bed for the night...I mean morning :-P

The next day, my mom did ask me what I was doing at a friend's house so late, and I just told her about the movie. She didn't seem too upset.

April obviously has a crush on me. The question I have as big of a crush on her?...
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I am too!!! This is certainly a first! I definitely do like her...but I feel like it might just be the excitement of meeting somebody new. Maybe it'll last though.<br />
<br />
I will certainly try never to break her heart. Problem is that whenever I do break someone's heart, it's never intentional...

You mean a choice of what woman to be with? If so, I agree! You and I are probably two of--maybe five at the most--guys on EP who know what any of those are!

Guys like us should have our choice :-) You know, guys who know what a class or a method or a constructor is :-D

WOOHOO is right!!! =-D

Woohoo RT!