Going Home

Heading home from Southern Cal, I was picked up by a burly guy in a pickup truck. I was 18 at the time and not unfamiliar with a ****. But I was heading out toward needles, so he drove us out in the desert about 20 miles and went off the road and up a deserted desert road. Asking if it was OK to stop and pick something up at his place. He found a ranch road spot and pulled off, then left the road and drove down a small gully. It was a bright moon lighted night, but he turned the interior lights on anyway. Reached in his glove compartment and brought out a handful of sex magazines.

I knew what was up when he turned off the road, so I thought I would have some fun of my own, and went into the gullible gee golly mode. He held a picture of a **** going into a ***** and ask if I would like that. I replied gosh, I've never done anything like that. Bet it's fun. He said sure any thing warm on your **** is fun. Then he unzipped his pants, took out his **** and started stroking it. He had a nice ****. Normal and nice, uncut but very clean. He said you take your **** out and jerk off with me. He was my only ride, so I said sure. He said drop your pants then, so I did. I think the fact that my **** was hard let him know I was playing a roll. He ask, can I suck that for you, I agreed that would be nice. He was a big man, and when he leaned over to get my **** in his mouth it was close. I ask him if it wouldn't be better outside of the truck, he could open the door and just lean in. He thought that was a marvelous idea. To make a long story short, we were both soon out of the truck and laying in the truck bed naked. He rolled over and said **** me, I tried but he was a big guy, so I ask him to get on his knees and ****** him in the ***..

When I pulled the *** filled rubber off and pitched it he wanted more, and soon was sucking my **** again. I told him, it was to soon, so he said then suck my ****. He was my only ride so I soon had his **** in my mouth giving him a nice long slow and delicious *******. He was ready to *** when he said my turn. I thought he meant he would suck me, but he was putting a rubber on. He grabbed my shoulder and bent me over the tailgate. Then he picked up the rubber I had used and emptied the *** in my ***. Following that with his ****, soon it was ******* like crazy as he taunted me about have my own *** lube up my *** for his **** .

I didn't really give a **** at that point, hell I was really enjoying myself. eventually he got off, then stood there sheepishly looking at me. His urges gone, me a skinny kid with no clothes on didn't look so appealing, so he walked around to the front of the truck, kicked my clothes out in the sand, hopped in and drove off. Leaving me out there in the desert, naked. I gathered my clothes got dressed and started walking. I was about a half mile down that ranch road to the highway.  By the time I had almost gotten to the highway it was daylight and a ranch hand picked me up and dropped me at the intersection.  He mentioned that he often finds guys on that road.  I was lucky, some of the guys he finds are buck naked.  I swore to never again hitch hike, but that lasted about a month and I was on the road again looking for a **** sucker south of Laguna Beach.  
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Dec 4, 2012