Slutty Surpirse

I was dating a girl in university that lived in another town an hour or so away. I was coming for a visit and she told me that she had a surprise for me. Most of our weekends together involved us ******* and partying. So I was pumped to find out what this surprise was. When I arrived at her place she told me that we were going for a nice dinner and then out to a concert. This was a nice surprise and I really wanted to see this band live. So I sat around for my girl to get ready and she was taking her time of course. I decided to poke my head in to see what was taking so long and saw her stainding naked infront of a mirror. I came up behind her and started to kiss her neck and fondle her ****. She let out a little moan and I started to kiss my way down her back and started to kiss and lick her little ***.

I pushed her over so I could access her tight little *****. I pushed my tongue deep into her **** and rubbed her **** with my thumb. Every now and then I would suck hard on her **** and then spread her *** cheeks and lick her *******. After a few minutes of this I had her ******* all over my face. Once she came down from her ****** I stood up and unzipped my pant and pushed my **** into her *****. She moaned again and told me **** her hard. I began to pound her hard and told her that I was going to *** in her *****. She surprised me by pulling away from me and dropping to her knees to take my **** into her mouth. She began to suck me off until I shot my a huge load into her mouth. She swallowed the entire load and then took my **** from my mouth and smiled at me. My girl had sucked me off before but she had never let me *** in her mouth if we were *******. I found it very sexy.

She told me to go back upstairs and wait for her to finish getting ready. I went upstairs and had a beer and watched a bit of TV. Half an hour later my girl came up the stairs wearing a very short skirt, what I though was pantyhose and a shirt that showed a lot of cleavage. My girl had an amazing body. She was very small with a tiny *** and nice ****. This outfit made her look so good.

We called a cab and headed to the restaurant. Along the way I started to rub her thigh. Every so often I would push my hand further and further up until I hit her new garter and stockings. I was surprise that she was wearing a garter as I had mentioned that garters are sexy a few months back. I pushed my hand even high and found that she had no panties on an had shaved her *****. My girl leaned in when I noticed that she didn't have panties on and said "I swallowed you *** so it wouldn't be dripping out of my ***** all night." This turned me on and I was instantly hard. I continued to play with her **** the rest of the drive.

We were seated at a nice private booth at the restaurant and sat right beside each other. Throughout our meal I fingered her and rubbed her ****. She was so wet from all of this. Every once in a while we would kiss but we were careful not to attract any attention. My girl excused herself to the bathroom and came back to the table. This time she pulled her skirt up so I could have access from behind. It looked as if I had my hand around her back but she was riding my fingers. We ordered dessert and her came with whole strawberries. I took one of the strawberry and ran it up her slit, it had a lot of her juices on it. I slowly feed it to her. This sent her over the edge she pushed her whole body down on my fingers and began to ***. I leaned into her and told her how sexy she was.

Soon we got the bill and got a cab to the concert. The concert was fun but we spent most of our time stuck close to other people with no chance to play with each other. She would push her *** into my hard on but we were pretty good during the show. Once the concert was over we got a cab and headed home. We were all over each other in the cab and I began to finger **** her. The cab driver must have know what we were doing but we didn't care.

Once in her house we practically ran to her room. I was undressed in no time and she took her time to tease me by slowly removing her close. Once she got down to her bra and garter she pulled the cups of her bra down exposing her very hard nipples. She asked me if I wanted to suck on her ****, while she asked me this she pulled hard on her nipples. I told her that I did. Then she asked me if I wanted to ****** her *****.  I said that I did. She said you can **** me any way you want this weekend as long as I can keep wearing my garter belt. I said of course and she finally crawled on top of me and put my **** in her *****.

This was a great weekend and a wonderful surprise.

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Soooo made me wannna take then wife into the city for a hot date concert. You rock! dc