It was May 1998 I had gone to bed as normal, more tired the usual and fell asleep quickly and this is not like me.
It was a full moon and it shone through the bedroom curtains giving everything a thick blue hue...
As the early hours came round I became restless, not awake but almost I turned over in the bed... I could feel something in the room, not menacing but I new something was not quite right.
A little while passed and a deeper restless sleep came over me, when I woke with a star this time... I lowered the duvet covers and looked at the chair at the bottom of my bed ... Lit up just down one side by the moon was a man, he was in his 60's dressed in shirt rolled up his arms, braces and brown trousers, and black boots, he had a flat cape on his head, he never moved nor did he scare me, he was sat looking at me with his hand resting under his chin, much like you would sit with a restless child...
I blinked and he was gone, the strange thing was I fell back to sleep right away I did not even put the light on.
The following day I told my Mother who I had seen, and described him to her, she went pale and said it was her Father that passed away when she was eight!
I did not really know what to think, other than why!?
Sadly my answer was to come only to soon, as the day after, I was told my Nan had passed away, and I am guessing that the Grandad I never met came to meet her, stopping by to say hi on the way.
I was very close to my Nan, but was new to death at that point seeing her in the chapel of rest had freaked me out so much I could not go to the graveside and see her lowered into the ground!
I went home feeling confused and very guilty, going to bed that night was hard my head spinning, I turned over onto my side, when suddenly someone tucked me in! I felt the hands push the duvet under me like you would a child... To this day I still think it was Nan saying it was all OK she understood, and was saying goodbye.
Fasilly Fasilly
Aug 21, 2014