My grandma-
(Little bit of a backstory) my grandma was one of those mothers that couldn't care less about her kids. She married my grandpa even though she knew about his history of abuse. My grandpa messed up my grandma more than she already is, and it terrified my mom. Anyways, I was conceived on the same day my grandma died, and born on her birthday. My mom freaked out because I had problems so she thought my grandma was trying to take me. For some reason, my grandmas ashes are still in the box in my house. Sometimes I'll see her walking around or hear footsteps but it doesn't bother me. Well, it didn't until last night. I was laying in bed, texting friends then I heard the footsteps like usual. They seemed louder but I just made a joke out of it thinking she ate a few too many ghost burgers. Suddenly the footsteps stopped in my doorway, and I saw her staring at me. She tried to talk, but no words would come out. After a few minutes of her trying and failing to talk to me, she walked over to a petrified me and whispered in my ear "I should have taken you when I could have, you're wasting space." Then disappeared like nothing happened. Does anyone know what this could mean?
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Nope. 'Cept maybe that you are your own person now.