i had a girlfriend in my early thirties we will call her Kat a nickname her mother gave her i used to tow cars for a living and she had made a call to AAA for a tow i towed her car we exchanged pleasantries and then phone numbers it was weird she was pretty long brown hair green eyes very irish in decent from her mother she had long legs and size 10 feet very well kept and painted toes very soft soles i could tell thru her sandals and i admired her feet when she got into my truck i think she caught me but thats later we had gone out a few times to dinner and riding with me in my tow truck till eventually she asked ME if i would like to have an intimate evening with her which i did and so it went like that for a while when one day she found my tickle kit and she asked what was this for i turned red with embarrasment and said it was nothing i had it from a few years ago and she said did i wanna tie her up with the ropes i had in the box and i said oh are you into that and she said HELL YEAH i love a good slap on the *** from behind while im tied up and i said sure whenever you want . well she said lets do it now and i said fine so i tied her spread eagle to the corners and she giggled a lil bit saying wow i cant move and then i proceede to smack her bottom till it was red and i said hows that and she squeeled i love it and thats when i had an idea i looked at her big soft feet and said what if i did this and i gently scratched down her right foot all of a sudden she squealed again very loud and said dont do that it tickles so i asked her dont you like to be tickled and she took a minute and said not really but she had never been tied down and tickled before and i said well lets try this so i started at her arm pits and her ribs just to see how ticklish she was and got the reaction i wanted she thrumed with laughter deep and loud and it continued as i kept tickling her gently and continuously it got louder and then she started begging NO NOT THERE NOT THERE hahahahahahahahahaha i stopped for a second and she said why did you stop i said to her if you wanna beg and scream thats ok but if your unable to breath or your in danger give me the safe word she said ok and then i continued. i started again in the middle of her back and she giggled somemore and then i moved down to her hips this was a very soft and touchy area she started bucking and laughing louder she almost knocked me off her back and she was begging NO NO NOT THERE hahahahahahahahah NOT THERE hahahahahahahah she didnt say the safe word so i kept going i was really enjoying this spot louder she laughed Hahahahahahahahaha I CANT STAND IT hahahahahahahaha still no safe word and i moved down a lil more her bottom and the back of her thighs were next she is still laughing when i gently stroke her right thigh peeeels of laughter start pouring out shes tring to move but cant shes wiggling and begging NO PLEASE NOT THERE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH PLEASE NO NO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH and i kept going now down her left thigh more peeels of laughter and begging HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH NOMORE PLEASE STOP NOT THERE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH still no safe word i can tell she is really enjoying her new found torture so i turned around and kneeled over her right foot she starts begging again no not there o please not my foot and i havent even touched her yet so i started at her heel HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG NOOO PLEASE NOT THERE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH PLEASE STOP TICKLING HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH still no safe word it went on for a good 5 minutes and then i moved over to her left foot she started begging again NO PLESE NOT THER HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH NOOOO PLEASE NOT THERE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA IT TICKLES SO MUCH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHYOUR SO EVIL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i kept tickling up and down her legs up and down her feet and all she could do is howl with laughter so 20 minutes later i let up and she asked to get up using the safe word so i let her up as i did she looked at me and asked so where did you learn to tickle like that and i told her ive wanted to do that for years and nobody to try it on she said well im glad you did it to me i said really and she said let me show you how excited i am she could already see how excited i was she laid me on my back and began to stroke my hard member and then after she got comfy kneeling next to me she took it deep in her warm mouth and began licking and stroking i was in awesome bliss she kept it up till i was ready to explode with pleasure and she watched as every drop was drained from me and for the next several years there were many times that i was able to tickle torture her with very positive results. more later
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Lucky lucky girl, wish I could find someone like you :-)

Wow! Incredible post☆☆☆☆Glad you both enjoy it so much!

This is an amazing story! I would have loved to be her! :)

we had alot of fun after she got over the initial shock of being tied up and after the first session she had no idea what she was in for i wish i still had that girl hee hee