I Wrote Her Off As Dumb But When She Talked About Her Dreams...

When I was 20 I was on the rebound and hooked up with a beautiful half Brazilian girl who was 17.  I was old enough to realize what a precious thing a beautiful younger woman is but it was still not creepy for me to bring her around my friends.. Although picking her up from high school was weird.. anyhow.

To make a long story short she was not all that smart in school or otherwise.  Sweet as hell, nicer then anyone I've met, but not smart.  She would wake up and say the craziest things basically just describe situations that were very telling about people, myself included - most of which she didn't really even get, she would just describe them as weird dreams. 

I know I sound like a bastard for calling her non-smart.  But I still think about some of the things she said after dreaming - Like there was a more aware her trapped inside?
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you should watch the film 'waking life'. and her too. see if that changes your mind on the subject.

at her age, being unsure of myself i easily fell into what people thought i should be and i quickly learned to disguise whatever intelligence i did possess. society simply did not understand someone could be both smart and pretty. in hindsight i realize how intimidating i must have been to my peers and i'm saddened that i lowered myself to their standards for the sake of keeping friends. i once had a young man tell me that i'd never 'catch a husband' because i used $10 words! maybe she was suffering from the same stigma?

My mind tells me I REALLY like this unusual piece! I just have to go mull on it, and figure out WHY! ;P