When I was a kid, I was afraid of the dark. And my birth-father insisted that I sleep in the dark, when he came back to live with us, when I was six years old. He said that I couldn't stay a baby forever. And I would cry myself to sleep, terrified, every night. Finally, my mother insisted that I have at least a night-light. He didn't like this idea, but my mother got it for me anyways. =p

But it didn't really help. I was still afraid. And then one day, I saw the Glo Worm on tv. I felt that if I had a friend with me, in the scary darkness, I wouldn't be so afraid. But we were poor... so my mother had to buy a second-hand one. It was cheap, because the light was broken in it. But, even so... it was enough to calm me down, just having a friend with me in the darkness. :-)

I still have it, till this day, pack away with my other old stuffed animals. It's a lot dirty and ratty, but I could never throw it away. It was the friend that got me over the fear of the dark. :-D

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Mar 15, 2009