I Hope More People Have Good Birthdays Too

I thought I'd make this group to counter all the bad birthday groups. I'm hoping people will have better birthdays too. I've had my string of bad birthdays. I've had my string of extremely wonderful ones. It's strange that I was thinking it was going to be horrible but...it was actually quite nice. The morning was very stressful because of the important vet appointment. Waiting for her to come home was a bit shaky. Yet even so, it was nice. It had been a long time since it's felt like my birthday. You know what I mean. The day where you really feel your age and are actually quite happy, excited about it even. I kept wondering what would be next. I am so happy that it just kind of flowed into the next day. Drinking an nice tall cup of raspberry hot cocoa with whip cream and chocolate shavings on the top. Having another glass of the red wine from the day before. Relaxing and playing around with the presents I got. And the chocolate! Been eating lots of it, lol! Matter of fact, I'm going to sneak over and get some more now. : )

Oooh and there's still some cake! And candy...and good food...and a swiss colony package with some really yummy stuff inside. : D

Of course this means I do have to start really using that exercising dvd I got over the holidays weeks back, lol!

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8 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Thanks Tummie!

Thanks En! Yeah, I was wishing you and my EP friends were with me too. Would have been a nice rowdy party, lol! But in the spirit of it...I ate cake in your honor...and oooh, about several other people's honor...and then some just because...lol! <br />
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Ooooh hoo hoo hoo! Very nice mental picture indeed! : D

Happy Birthday!! :)

Scoobs, They have them everywhere here and I've had to talk myself out of going several times, lol!<br />
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Thanks Karumbey! You know...I have two boxes of chocolate turtles. Part of me feels like I shouldn't be eating them but then another part of me says...oh but they are so goood. What to do...what to doooo...

What a sweet birthday! :D I'm happy to hear you had a nice time!

I am lucky there are no Waffle Houses around here. I have a weakness for them for sure.

Thank you Scoobs! Gaaah...it's been so long since I had a Waffle House road trip! : )

Happy belated birthday my friend! I spent my last one driving from Florida to Ohio, but we stopped at Waffle House for breakfast and it was really kind fo nice not having any worries except for getting home. :-)