I just got home from working about a half an hour ago, I took one of the most relaxing hot showers, EVER, it was SO nice after a LONG day to just climb into the shower, and feel the hot water hit my back! Ah, I thought I was in Heaven! I just LOVE showers that make you feel THAT good!

I had an AMAZING day at work today, other than it being totally ******* busy as hell, it was amazing! After 7pm, there was only Me, My front end manager, and the desk guy, well he left at 10, and than it was just me, and my Manager. Her and I talked for a while, about **** here and there, and than she gave me one of the most amazing compliments ever! She told me, I looked like I have lost weight!!!! I was SO fuking happy, I thought I was going to start crying! I came home, and stepped on the scale, and realized, that since I broke up with my ex, I have lost, 20 pounds!!!!! I was So fuking Happy!

Now I am off to sleep, and hope tomorrow is a good day too. I'm still Kinda Down, but having a good day at work, really HELPED!

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Jul 21, 2010