Reasons To Be Grateful Today.

In spite of 4 to 8 more inches of snow in the forecast for tonight, I have reasons to celebrate today. I managed to get into town and got some shopping done. Just getting out of this house felt so good. Then I heard from my love that his son had left him a message about getting together with him for a visit. After weeks of no contact from his adult children, this is a big relief. It was wonderful to hear the lilt in my love's voice when I heard the news this morning.

Also some great news from my daughter today. She left me a message that her yellow lab had given birth to her first litter of puppies. Four females and three males and both mom and babies are doing fine. I am planning on going over to see them this weekend. New life. How wonderful! Sierra, the mom, is a sweet dog with a wonderful disposition and she will make a great mom. My daughter also owns the sire and he is a chocolate lab and full of energy. A really big guy. Sierra is quite intelligent. She was trained as a puppy to ring a bell when she had to go outside. My daughter has spent a lot of time with her dogs and horses and deserves this as she is making a part time business as a breeder of registered labs and this is a good start on that journey.

I filled my bird feeders this morning and stopped for a cup of coffee at Mickey Ds. Managed to back my truck down to my house to unload groceries so I didn't have to battle the drifts in my yard. Tried on a pair of jeans and they fit! Hurray! Sometimes it is just the little things in life that bring happiness to one's heart. Today was a mix of big and little. There is a crock pot of stew cooking and that will make a tasty meal tonight. The house is warm and my loved ones are safe and happy. Paid some bills and am grateful for having the money to do so. Winter will not last forever even though this one has been one for the record books.

I hope that all of us have things to be grateful for this February day. Blessings, D.

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1 Response Feb 16, 2010

Bless your heart, this was so cool<br />
I totally understand the elation on the jeans, happened last week<br />
thank u for shring your blessings it reminds me to do the same.