Weird Dream Followed By Happy Ending

Okay so last night I had a weird dream. Everyone, well almost everyone, turned into zombies. The first thing I remember from it is me working outside of my house when I saw a man walking towards me in the distance. But he wasn't really walking, he was more like limping. I thought something was up but didn't really worry to much. As he got closer I saw that most of the skin on his face was peeled off this green scabby stuff took its place. My first thought was that he was a zombie. I went in my house not knowing what might happen and I grabbed my gun. When I went back downstairs I saw that he was beating on my door trying to get in. I asked him what he wanted and I all he said was "Argh gah gau ar ma ga" so you know instantly I thought he was a zombie. I opened my door and he tried to strike at me. I cocked my gun and took aim and shot him in the head. When he was on the ground he was still kind of twitching so I shot him again right between the eyes. At this point I just assumed I was the only human left. I closed the door and went back up stairs to get the rest of my guns. In real life I have 2 9mm's and a 45. cal. plus a straight sword. These were also the weapons I had in my dream. At this point I thought I was dreaming but I just wanted to see where it led to. Now there is this girl I just met like yesterday and she lives in NJ. I dont know how but for some reason I knew exactly where she lived. I wanted and hoped that she was still alive so I went to my door and took a look around to make sure the coast was clear. At that point I opened the door not even bothering to shut it behind me and ran for my car. I got in and started it up and took off on my way to NJ. Along the way of course I had to stop for gas and food and ran into more zombies in which I either shot them or cut their head's off. When I got to her house I knocked on her door. I saw a shadow move behind the door so I said "Its okay im here to save you." She opened the door and pulled me inside. I told her it was Ricinar(my name) and that I was there to rescue her. She seemed very excited and kissed me. Now I know she's probably reading this but im just going by my dream so dont get mad lol. Well anyways when the excitement level lowered she said that she wanted to give her self to me for being so brave and coming to save her. We made love that night and slept cuddled next to each other. In the morning we both went to get in my car. I gave her one of my 9's and told her to just point at there chest and shoot and that I would finish them off. When we were outside not suprisingly there was a zombie waiting for us. She instantly took aim and shot him between the eyes. I said "Damn, where'd you learn to shoot like that?" She looked at me with a big smile on her face and said "Im a jersey girl. If you cant shoot here you cant survive." I looked at her with a big smile on my face and said"Oh, well thats kinda hot." And we both laughed. At that point I looked at the zombie and realized it was still twitching around so I took my 45. and shot him again. Then I looked at her and said" Dont ever forget, to shoot them twice." At that moment she walked over to me and kissed me deeply and said" Oh, well thats kinda hot." with a smile on her face. We got into my car and she said" Where are we going?" And I said "Where ever love takes us." After that we just spent the rest of our days traveling the country and being happy with each other. Now I want everyone to remember this is just a dream. Wish it was true though lol well comment and let me know what you think about it or just message me. Thank you for reading my dream story..

teenwerewolf14 teenwerewolf14
18-21, M
May 11, 2012