Another Good Dream Last Night

So I had another dream last night. Im not going to write it as if it was a dream, im going to write it as if it were reality. So there was a girl that I loved deeply. More than I have ever loved another girl. She liked me as well but she had fallen for 2 of what she calls perfect guys, I being one of them. When she was 10, she had dreamed of falling in love with a werewolf. For those of you that have read my stories know that I am a werewolf. But the other guy, was doubtful. My gods, the gods of all werewolves, said he had no connection to our people. He lives in a different continent and the chances of them meeting are very slim. But I, live quite close to her. She just didnt know what to do. Bu then my gods wanted to talk to her. When they did, she understood what this wolf was all about and realized that I was the werewolf that she had dreamed of falling in love with. I told her that the day I turn 18 that I will go and visit her. She had chosen to be my life-time mate. So when I turned 18 the first things that was on my mind was to go and see her. I packed up my bags and gased up my car and I hit the road. It took less than 8 hours to drive from where I am to where she is. When she first saw me, she ran to me and put me in a death grip hug. I thought I must've been the luckiest guy in the world. Well we spent a few days together and she decided that she wanted to come and live with me. I was of course very happy so I told her to pack her bags. Well the day we left we headed back for my home town. When we got to my house she seemed to be very happy. We moved her things in and we went out to a romantic dinner. When we got home it was pretty late so we went to our bedroom and got ready for sleep. Some things happened but I dont want any perverts out there reading about it lol well the next morning I woke up and left her to sleep. I went downstairs and prepared breakfast. When I got a good idea. I wanted to take her out and buy a new house with her. I went back upstairs with breakfast and I woke her up. I told her to eat and that I had a suprise for her. She ate and got dressed and we both set out. Once we were in the car I told her my plan. She seemed very happy. Well im going to cut to a few years forward to save anyone reading this some time. We had bought a house and moved in and I started working. One day when I got home she said she had good news. She said that she was going to have a baby. I was probably the happiest guy on earth at that point and told her we would go out and celebrate. Well lets fast forward. The day the baby was born was truely a great day. She was the most precious baby girl you could ever know. I was very happy to be a father and my mate was very happy to be a mother. We all loved each other very much and we were all together and happy forever. Well that was the dream. I got what I wished for in reality and she had the werewolf she had dreamed about all those years ago. I hope everyone enjoyed reading it. Take care everyone.
teenwerewolf14 teenwerewolf14
18-21, M
May 13, 2012