2 Bro's

Not your typical. this is abotu 2 guys. Not gay, just brotherly-like.

Me and this guy, we met in school. He quickly trusted me and in no time we were the best of friends. We were practically inseperable brothers.

Something you gotta know, in my family its just me and my brother and he was not very much of a brother to me, he used to abuse me and **** like that. so growing up was tough cz i had no one to turn to, to look up, and to talk to.

So when i was much older, i came to had many bestfriends, some of which made me a better person but  this particular bro practically changed me the most cz this was the most mature friendship ive ever had. it had been about 2 years now and just recently, we called off our brotherhood.

why? cz i was going through his stuff and i found out that he was bad mouthing me and back stabbing me with his other friend. I know it was wrong for me to go through his stuff but i was just extremely curious and i kinda found out by accident.

So anyway, i confronted him and we had this small argument thing which ended badly. 

Tho we're still friends, i miss those times when we were brothers. 
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1 Response Oct 9, 2011

So this is my view on it, and take it how you want I'm just one out of a billion. But I immediately stop after "cz i was going through his stuff and found out... etc". I know that curiosity sometimes gets the best of all of us, but if you were feeling kind of different or distanced by him (Because honestly if you're going through his stuff, there was a reason) you have to just straight up ask him. Even if he lies to you and it comes back to haunt you later (Speaking by experience) atleast you can honestly say that you did NOTHING wrong and you tried your best to make things work, always. Aslong as you don't do wrong yourself, whatever the outcome is won't be your fault. But if you do, then it's just a blame each other as it blows up in both our faces situation, and that's how it will always be remembered. At the end of the day it's not about living with anyone else's choices or lives, It's about living with yourself.