How Can They Betray A Friend Like That

I’ve had so many let-downs, so many disappointments. People have turned their backs on me so many times. Just recently I had a really good friend, a best friend of mine, just completely write me off and erase me from her life without so much of a WORD. I responded, I was upset, this exact thing happened to another close friend years ago, and every time I tried to send her a message asking what I did, she never responded, so the last time I guess I was a little harsh. She responded with two harsh and bitter sentences, neither of which told me what I did wrong, she was just pissed because I was pissed. Then there was the “Have a nice life”

I’m starting to get to that point, if I’m not already, where I just can’t trust people that well. I’ll let them close, but there always seems to be the tiny bit of doubt in the back of my head that questions and says “How long? How long until you leave?”

I will never understand how good friends, or at least those we suppose are good people, could ever do something like this.

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May 8, 2012