April 2009

So it was the end of freshman year in college.  Lavanya was friends with both me and my ex-boyfriend.  He was going around talking sh*t about me to my friends and pretty much tried to make me out as a bad person.  He talked to Lavanya about me.  On Monday April 29, 2009 I sent my good friend an email saying that we needed to talk.  She sent an email back saying that my ex-boyfriend talked to her and that we should not be friends anymore. 

Later that week my ex came to my dorm room to talk.  He told me that Lavanya called me a **** and a *****.  Thankfully my ex graduated from college in May and went back to live with his family in China.   Anyway on Thursday or Friday of that week Lavanya came to my dorm room because she wanted to hear my side of the story.  After our talk we became friends again.

Now even though we are friends I still don't trust her nearly as much as I did earlier that semester.  I thought she had my back.  I am keeping my guard up when I am with her.


Just in case y'all want to read more about the friend I mentioned my friend Lavanya in the my experience called "College Party April"

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3 Responses Jul 31, 2009

You are kinder than I would have been. When she asked to hear my side, I would have said, "Don't bother."

Well this was bad but atleast you got your chance to tell her your side!

I'm sorry that your friend initially took your ex's side, but unfortunately the first person to get their story out sorta wins. At least she was openminded enough to eventually come around and hear your side of the story.<br />
<br />
Was your ex Yakuza?