Ok here's my night.. Started off by thinking of you. My ball team's game went to a tie in the last inning, my stud son hits a base hit, steals second then scores winning run. The woman I have been think about tells me she's going to Hooters where a few of us where getting ready to go to. I was so excited and nervous actually. I mean what's the chances right?

As I'm leave the parking lot at the field some lady is hysterical cuz she locked her baby in the car. I run to my car get my slimjim tool, we get the car open and mom was happy.

I eat with a few of my parents and was on constant radar look out.. But never seen her. I wasn't sad though.. Cuz inside I still feel her, still smell her and the embrace of her soft skin. I'm glad in a way I didn't see her because I don't know what I would have done. But I am hoping to see her as soon as we are able to get time for each other.

I'm patient cuz she's worth it.
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Oct 4, 2014