Man. That was fun. 2am-4am, I picked him up, we went to get burgers. We talked and listened to music and I haven't felt better in a while. I've felt so lonely recently.

I love that. We used to be everything. But I don't need everything right now. I need a friend. A best friend. Someone I can ***** to or just be around. We don't have to talk or say things, I just need more human contact. I need someone to go get burgers with at two in the morning, someone to listen to music with and talk or sit quietly.

I miss having a friend. And here I am left wondering where we are at. What are we? Are we friends or are you just looking out for me? Do you... Care care? I wish I could stop this mental bombardment of thoughts and curiosity but it's not in my strength or emotion to go through with that. So I guess I will say sweet dreams to you, and go about my business wondering what it is that goes through your head when you see me.
MissAutumn MissAutumn
22-25, F
May 9, 2015