It's Just Lunch Led To Wedding Plans!

I intially thought about joining It's Just Lunch after a breakup (3months after) to meet men outside of my industry. I work in fashion, have a busy, stressful career and the only men I meet are in fashion and beauty as well so they are either Gay or taken, but mostly Gay. Being that I'm attracted to an artistic creative type and in the past those types of men aren't as sucessful I wanted to meet other successful individuals like myself so It's Just Lunch helped me go from single and close to 30 to engaged!
I have to be honest at first I would have never considered a personal matchmaking approach without seeing the person I would meet but I loved that excitement and met not only my fiance but a really intelligent, well educated group of guys I would have never otherwise met!
It was a process I went on 12 dates before I found my finance but for the majority I kept an open mind and had a lot of fun and shared a lot of great conversation with men I definitely was not being introduced to before.

If you're picky or have unrealistic expectations you have to be patient because I realize that it was fine tuning process but it was the best investment I ever made!
cailinlh cailinlh
Jul 10, 2010