For the most part I'm a good kid I do all my home work get B's and A's so Im fine academically. But there's this part of me that always feels like depressed. But one day one of my friends got some weed and we decided to try it...... it was the best time I've ever had I felt like I was a whOle different person just like I could enjoy things for once. It got to the point when I always wanted to do it so when school ended it was all I could think about. This one day one of my friends (no longer friends) we decided to take one of this guy's plants. (We live in colorado) The plants were just sitting there so we both took one and hid it at his aunts. The guy we took it from had cameras set up and since we lived in a small town he knew it was me and he told my dad. So I got caught and the guy knew it was my friend also and had his name. (What my frienD didn't tell me is that a couple weeks ago him and three other people took 7 plants and they were fully budded) So I had to work for this guy for the rest of my high school years and the others actually had to end up facing charges but I didn't because I confessed and had to return the plants I stole. My conclusion is that if you just fess your self when your caught and try not to hide when someone already knows it's you. Then your consequences could be less. But dont ever steal someone's plants it's just a stupid idea trust me..
Matthewt996 Matthewt996
22-25, M
Aug 21, 2014