My Grandpa And Concentrative Camp

It is simple. My grandpa was living in the village which is situated near Oswiecim. And...connected to this, it was extremly nearly to the Aushwitz-Birkenau. There was that time when my grandpa was a kind of a worker, who was engaged into this becaue of he had got a horse. Of course, he did not work for a nazists at all. But he sometimes was called to this camp because of they needed a horse or a carriage. And...he was painfuly toutched by this. He was not a prisoner, fortunately, but there was a while he could be. It was known that there was banned to transport any kind of a food to the prisoners of camp. There was many stories. And...once there was so dangerous that he nearly was imprisoned. Simply, he hanged to the pocket in order to eat a loaf of bread. AN SS officer had seen it and he thought my grandpa wanted to give the bread to prisoner and my granny was hit with a riffle so strongly that he fell down the carriage. Everybody in the outskirts knew very well what is happeing, but was afraid of possibility of voicing of this due to huge number of agents.
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Perhaps you would like to share more such experiences of your grandpa..if you recall them. Reading books is another thing but reading first hand accounts related to the holocaust..the camps or the third reich is another experience altogether.. very poignant but telling accounts!