Out Of Breath, Dizzy, But 50 People Wathing

Today I sat below a waterfall in the bubbles and spray, my 3 year old son in my lap. He was laughing and I saw God in his face. Such pure joy and un disturbed wonder. WOW, THE WATER AND WHITE BUBBLES A FOOT THICK. My son so happy I told him God made these bubbles for you and he just laughed as if he was playing with our seing God. I told him this was the first micdonalds play groud Gods version, what ever i saw my son have a spiritual experiance today that has placed me in aw the glow of the skin in his face , his joyful eyes and laughter. It was 100% bliss, i looked over and my wife was wathing MELTING, lol. Then I climbed past the warning sings no trespassing dangerous. like I was climbing a tree. But i was not going to trim a tree, no lines to set. I was going to jump off a clift I had heard about seence I was a kid People die jumping off and not clearing a ledge 2 foot below the serface. But I had herd about it so I swam out first and went down and swam under water 20 feet. My god the water was cristal clear and I could see 30 feet clearly. I went to the ledge , looked up and noticed that every one on the bank and up on the rocks were looking at me. It was an akward moment, I realized my 3 year old son could here people saying look he is checking out the water cause he is going to jump. My 6 year old daughter she could hear them and was smilling so proudly scaning the crowed. I don,t know why i swam out there but it was set in stone when I saw her face. Not to mention my beutiful wife , and alot of other family members. Oh and ya there were those young wemon in those things that show enought to grt a guy in trouble, if you look thet way yousaw it and yer *** is out cause yer wife is on point. lol, I dove deep 20 feet straight down along side the clift wall, deep caverns dark, holes. Catfish I saw deep in the bottem. I dont know for sure I was around 20 feet, and I realy did think I saw a catfih go into a cavern, It may not be there I had no lights hard to see even in crear water that deep. I can swim an olimpic pool down, back, down and half way back again its a talent i worked for sence child hood i just always pushed my self under water. I move slow and very deliberit i dont wast any energy using vital oxegen. I go almost into a trance to the point i dont regester what i see till later when i go up. It is as if I am asleep and I beleve I am. I think my heart slows to a point just around hybernation . Any way there I WAS out on the edge of the clift climbing with nothing on one side and rock on the other. I'm so far past the signs warning me this was a deadly area. People are smaller I can't make out there expressions clearly. I was at the top. Why did have to go all the way to the top , i past 4 other places on the way i could have jumped and should have the first one 20 feet high. I was in a vally in johnson shut ins park. Black river was cold but neet. Mountains on bolth sides, Now a simlpe pine tree was the only thing I could see and my buddy was telling me to go up it and jump. I hollered in 10 years when Im 58. Then I can clear the ledge cause it will be tall enough. I'm not sure if that tree was the talest thing in sit but for sure in 100 yards. I stood over the edge, Looking down, I had jumped of the rail road brige a few times but I was was higher than that. I was so High thet I was afraid If I started holding my breathat the top aI would be out of breath by the time i got up. I was told i had to start now because when you are falling it is very hard to breath in. I looked down and said Im scaired, I was'ent I was bying time. Im 48 just swam just dove, just climbed a mountain side our bluff side. I was now at the top out of breath, dizzy, but 50 people were watching. I got up slowly Looked at my boy smiled stood there looking down. There was the ledge that had taken so many young girls and boys our hurt them bad. I just stood there in a trance. So beutifule. oop's I noticed I was higher than the spot I had checed out and I ciuld see it wasent deep enough where I was. I thought we hiked a long way took a half hour to walk here. I looked over and I could make it to wher I new It was atleast -30 foot deep. I jumped my God the exzileration, then aqt once I was seeing but not there anymore. falling, trying to kick, why am I flailling so hard. The hight its just almost to high. 20 feet Im back, wow, im alive, the water came with a sting to my feet. Now I hurt my lower back. When I came up people were standing up smiling and claping. Oh my god i guess 48 year old men need to get of the couch. That feeling when i swam in looking at all the smilling faces never forgit it. I was putting on my boots and a young women said your the one that jumped of the top. Three other kids jumped of 1 2 3 just like that no problem. i TOOK FOR EVER SAID I WAS SCAIRED AND THEY JUST THINK IM THE ONE THAT JUMPED OFF. tHAT WAS WEARED, Well on the way home we saw a lady in a wheel chair in the poring rain as it started storming on our way out, we turnened the truck around and i told my wife to put her jakit on her. the women asked if we could please get her wheel chair in the truck. Wer did It was heavy, the rain was poring doun *** I drove it up the side walk in her house. she could walk just not that far. Then here to tell you I am blessed and even more so to shair it love to all wildartslinger
wildartslinger wildartslinger
46-50, M
May 20, 2012