That Was Fun

I enjoyed going to work with Corri today. This is the first time we do this, and I look forward to her inviting me to spend the day at her at work again.

She’s worked there for many years, but even though I’ve gone to drop off/pick her up at her job many times, only once before had I actually gone inside, and that occasion was just about a month ago.

Before we left the house this morning she was already trying to boss me around lol. Actually, I almost didn’t go with her because she woke up grumpy, but she shook it off, and I decided to go with her after all.

The first two hours I did absolutely nothing because she had told me to go wait in the big warehouse and stay there until she came to give me my assignments. In that particular area there was no computer for me to kill time with or anything to read, just products. The warehouse is the size of a footfall field.

Turns out Corri got delayed with a customer for TWO HOURS. I was starting to think she forgot she brought me to work lol. I thought, “how rude.”

Actually, I figured she was busy with an important customer. So since the warehouse is massive, I decided to get some exercise. I don’t like to just sit around and twiddle my thumbs. I did lots and lots of walking.

Finally, she came for me. After that I got to work. She had me compose an important letter. I did lost of inventory. I kept losing count though because she kept coming by and spanking my butt lol, wanting to hug, or kissing my neck.

I almost got fired a couple times. Once because I went to kill time on the computer without asking the boss (her) for permission. She was only teasing though.

Throughout the day she was very caring for me, asking if I needed a water break, and giving me time to play on the computer.

I really did have a great time with Corri. I really do care about her. And lately she’s been acting more loving than usual. I embrace that love. She was getting really affectionate with me last night. We enjoyed the moment.

I think she's trying so that I fall in love with her again. I think it's working lol.

I look forward to having a beer with Corri later when she gets home.

Even though I’m tired I’m happy about my day so I’m going to make some dinner for us.

TheButterflyMind TheButterflyMind
31-35, F
May 18, 2012