15 going on...

When I was 15, I had a blast with my best friend and her family at an Irish pub on St. Patrick's day...

Her parents were friends with the owners. They sat us up in the loft, and we had a great view of the musicians... A guitarist and a drummer perched in a little display window. I "picked" the drummer, because when you're 15 and presented with more than one guy, you pick the one you want.

When they took a break, we went down to the main floor to talk to them. Yes, together, we were bold. And I know it sounds like something out of a bad sitcom, but I went up to the drummer and said "Hi, My friend thinks your name is Steve, but I thought you said it was Pete." It was true, though - she thought he was Steve.

Of course, he was Pete, and I flirted with him because that's what you do when you're 15. He liked me... for as long as I can remember, older men (from a little older to just plain old) have liked me, and especially in high school and college. Don't know what it was; I was always shy. Anyway, we talked for a little while... about what, I don't remember.

We were headed up to the bar for a drink when he asked me to dance. I told him I didn't like to dance to Irish music, and then he asked my age. I'm quite sure I didn't look 21. When I told him I was 15, he stopped dead and stared... and finally, he asked how we got in, though I think maybe there were other things he wanted to say. We were never planning on deceiving him, so I told the truth about why we were there. He disappeared into the crowd at the bar and quite obviously wanted nothing more to do with me.

We resumed our position in the loft for the rest of the night, and I quite clearly remember saying to my friend, "I should have told him I was 16!"
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I was a mature looking 14 year old and if dressed up could usuallly get away as being 18.
My brother and i would often go to the local hotel to pick up beers for the family. If there was a big crowd at the drive through , i would go in to the bottle shop and pick them up to save time and fuel.
I had been doing this for months in the summer time. One saturday night the manager came up to me after i had been served and paid for the 12 x bottles and whispered very quietly " you're not 18 are you >? how old are you 16 or 17 ?
I had the bottles firmly in my hand and was walking out - and whispered back " i'm 14 ". The guy went white and stuttered " you didn't buy them here and i didn't serve you ".
I think i ruined his night , we drove through after that !

Okay, nice story...and I am wondering what you might have done. Would you have slept with him ? Were you a virgin ?<br />
<br />
How old were you when you lost your cherry ??