High Holy Week!

I love St. Patrick's Day in my town of Holyoke, MA. In fact the party usually lasts a good couple of days, so I motion to change it to St. Partick's Week.

All the bars in town have really great Irish music playing the week of St. Pats; not only do I love to do a little jig, but you can't beat the green beers on tap!

Friday night is usually when all my friends from college arrive home, because this tradition is simply NOT TO BE MISSED by any true Holyoker.

Saturday is the road race, my lazy self and my friends stand outside the finish line and hand beers to all of our more athletic pals! The week culminates in the St. Pat's Parade-- it's the biggest sh*t show, but what can I say, I love it!
JulzC888 JulzC888
Mar 20, 2006