27th Day 2nd Month-daily Ritual To A Healthy And Happy.

I am supposed to write this yesterday but was too tired to do so.I was sharing on the phone and later with a friend in my home for 12 hrs.Its supposed to drained me so much in my situation but on the contrary i was very alert.My digestion was so good even having Mcdonald's Mcspicy Burger.I do not know its the start of taking spirulina or something else.The sharing sessions were very much on human behaviour and how to live in this chaotic society.We also shared on how we overcome our challenges.Knowing my friends for more than 40 yrs.i was surprised that they shared so deeply.We had a good cry and encouraged each other to move on.I realised from yesterday's sharings,i am the most fortunate of them all.I have a loving life partner while they are still finding their loving partner.They says its most important at this age.I am so blessed.
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Thank you my dear.I am truly blessed and loved.Have a blessed day.

Thanks dear friend for your kindness,Have a blessed day.