Unsuccessful Procedure

I had mine done 13 days ago and my pallet did not get stitched so it was very tender till today. My graft site looks awful and is all white but still stitched on very tight. I went in after the first week due to 3 days of excessive bleeding from my pallet and he said the graft looked awful and in all his yrs he had never seen one not heal like mine was not healing. He said it looked like poor blood supply or something like that. He said just to hang tight till my next appt on 7-2 to see what it looks like then. He said most likely I will need another surgery. I was miserable the first week so I am dreading this and don't think I would have risked having this procedure if I knew beforehand that there was a chance of the graft not taking.
Allycat98 Allycat98
31-35, F
1 Response Jun 24, 2010

How awful for you. That is so sad. I hope you are feeling better as I write this. I can't imagine the pain. Try to do something happy for yourself until you get past this. I wish you speedy healing!!