Gum Graft - Positive Story!

Yesterday I had a gum graft on my front two bottom teeth & a lower labial frenectomy done at the same time. I opted to use donor tissue from the roof of my mouth instead of Alloderm because my doctor said by using my own tissue, there was a much higher chance that the tissue would "take" (using my own tissue was cheaper, too, so that was a plus). I also opted for conscious sedation because I get reeeally anxious when having a dental procedure done - I've had a cyst removed from my bottom lip and my wisdom teeth out, and I used conscious sedation for both of those as well.

The procedure itself was a breeze. The most difficult part was honestly my anticipation - I was so scared and worried, and it was all for nothing. After the IV was in, I was totally out. I remember bits and pieces of talking to the dr, opening my eyes, and I have a very vague flashback of the novacaine shots. But they're all just hazy memories....I actually woke up for real when I got home & the novacaine was wearing off - the pain was horrendous - but I took 400 mg of motrin and was perfectly fine after that. It's now day two and I haven't had to take any of the hydrocodone that was prescribed to me. I've been on a pretty consistent regimen of taking 400 mg of motrin every four or five hours and I've been in little to no pain. The roof of my mouth was stitched up and unlike many others, I don't have a plastic retainer up there or any putty protecting it. It doesn't really hurt at all; when I feel it with my tongue it's very squishy and bitter tasting. The grafting site feels really chunky and large under my bottom lip...but really, it's just uncomfortable and that will go away with time. I had barely any bleeding yesterday (the day of) or today either.

The only thing I'll warn anyone who's having a graft about is that eating is really difficult, especially if you get the grafting done on two middle teeth. When I chew even the tiniest bit I feel the stitches pull & it freaks me out, so I've been sticking to a result I feel pretty weak, but hopefully in the next few days I'll be able to eat more solid things. I just ate some pancakes cut into reaaaally tiny pieces with some sausage cut into reaaaally tiny pieces, and I'm feeling loads better because of it. Other things I've been surving off of are pudding, applesauce, chicken broth, and smoothies.

I'll admit I was mortified before having this procedure done because of the scary stories online - especially "The Procedure From Hell".....but I've learned my lesson to NOT listen to stories depends on your dr (mine was recommended by a few people), and it depends on how well you care for the surgery site also depends on how many teeth you're getting grafted. My dr said he rarely does more than two teeth at a time because it's way too traumatic on the mouth. My mom, on the other hand, years ago had a gum graft on all of her upper teeth at one time. She had bruising, extensive bleeding, and was in a lot of pain. So get the right doctor, take care of yourself, and don't worry, because honestly it's not as bad as it was one rumored to be. Oh, and I'm a real patient - 19 year old female - not a dentist trying to advertise how easy gum grafting is.
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1 Response Aug 10, 2010

Ahhh, thank you! Yes, the horror stories can really make you more of a wreck then you already are pre-op. I had my lower front 6 teeth done a once, just today, and so far so good! I also didn't have a guard or putty over my palate and it just feels sore. My lower gums a a bit sore too but nothing mjor! I'll keep taking my meds and hopefully I will heal qucikly! I hope you are feeling much better and that your graft looks and feels great!