The Wimp Survived.. (so Far So Good, Really)

I am a three days post up from my gum graft procedure. A procedure that I scheduled and canceled over the past two years because I am such a wimp. I have recession on the top and bottom of both sides of my mouth. The right side being the worst so I did that side first. I finally just bit the bullet and scheduled an appointment that I actually kept.  I freaked out about 3 days before my appointment, so I called the office for a prescription for Valium. Since I had to drive myself, I could only take it the night before to help me sleep. It was definitely a big help since I scheduled a 7 am appointment and didn't want to toss and turn all night!!! Okay, so to all the nervous nellies out there, believe me, I am just like you. I contemplated getting knocked out completely, but I was already paying $400 for the co-pay, so I didn't want to pay another $300 to $400 for the gas... Anyway, I had a bit of an anxiety attack once my doc started giving me the numbing needles. He was so gentle, none of that hurt, but there is adrenaline in the eppy that comes with the anesthetic, so it compounds your nerves... I started shaking and crying and they stopped numbing me so I could calm down. Mind you, nothing hurt, I was just so freaked out all the anxiety came out at once. His assistant was great, she walked me thought breathing, and we started again. After I was numb, my doc said to raise my left hand if at any point I started to feel anything. I FELT NOTHING the entire procedure. You feel weird pressure, pulling and tugging, but YOU FEEL NO PAIN. I closed my eyes so I didn't see any tools, that would just freak me out.  I left the office numb and drooling, but pain free. The called in my prescription so all I had to do was go to cvs and pick it up without waiting. I got fitted for a pallet protector in the pre-op appointments. I have the puddy/cement dressing over the graft areas, but I have a removable pallet retainer to protect the roof of my mouth. I was swollen the first day and just kept ice packs on my face, took the drugs and just followed the post op instructions. The pain has been only around the gum graft sites (nothing on the roof of my mouth yet- I think the retainer is a big help there). The first two days are sucky because your gums are sore (nothing horrible or torturous) like when you cut your mouth with your braces etc. You really only can eat mush food, like oatmeal, mashed potatoes or mac and cheese the first three days. I am being very cautious because I am afraid to dislodge anything. Now of course, I am only three days in and I have 10 days before I return to the doc, but so far it is really NOT THAT BAD. The only stories I found on line were really bad horror stories...   Sorry for the annoyingly long post, but I can't emphasize enough how the anxiety was so unnecessary!!!!

timoney timoney
Mar 30, 2008