Two and a Half Days Ago

I had my graft Friday morning and it's now Sunday afternoon.  I took Lorazepam before to relax me.  That was my only prescription med.  The procedure itself wasn't painful at all.  I guess she did a good job with the novocaine.  I had two areas done -- lower molars on both sides with donation from the roof of the mouth.  I was swollen and a bit sore, but 600 mg of advil and ice packs pretty much took care of it.  The putty covers are annoying -- especially the one on the roof of the mouth -- but not painful.  I'm still slightly swollen and a little sore if I touch the side of my face, but no pain unless I touch it.  I've been having milkshakes, soup, scrambled eggs, etc.  I had a few nibbles of real food last night, sort of chewing with my front teeth.  I'm going in Tuesday.  I don't remember exactly the purpose of that visit since I was in a bit of a stupor at the time.  My periodontist told me I could go to my swim class tomorrow morning.  I'll probably take it a little easy, but it will feel good to exercise.  We're going out to dinner with friends tonight.  They know I won't be eating much.  From what I've read, it sounds like I've had a pretty easy time of it.
Nessy Nessy
41-45, F
1 Response Mar 25, 2007

glad it went so well. happy healing!