3/28/07-3 Areas Grafted At Once.

I am 32 years old.  I was told by my dentist I had some the worst recession he had seen in someone my age.  (only 1 area).  On Wednesday I had 3 areas grafted.  I was not sedated.  It was one of the worst things I have ever had done.  I told my periodontist I would rather have another baby than go through that again.  It was disturbing.  But, he said all the recession is covered and to now let mother nature take its course.  Well, I'm on my 2nd day of healing and from what I can see so far, my gums are the ugliest things I have ever seen.  I know I'm still healing, but please tell me they will not always look like this.  SOMEONE.  All the recession is covered, but my gums are a white color and it feels a bit slimey.  I had 3 incissions on the roof of my mouth, but I had a stent made so that does help with that area.  The pain meds made me so sick, so I am just suffering with the soreness.  The swelling is just about under control as well.  I am just concerned about my gums healing properly.  Can someone who has had this done tell me how long it usually takes before your gums look back to normal?  Also, I don't have a follow up scheduled for 3 1/2 weeks, is that OK?  Should I call for a one week follow up?  That does concern me a bit.
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Hi Runner, how was the procedure with IV sedation? Were you knocked out the whole time? Did you feel any pain? My biggest fear is the procedure as opposed to the healing.

Reading these stories is quite scary. My 9yr old is having this procedure done in May. Kids are much tougher than adults for stuff like this, but I am very afraid for him. Does anyone know a child who has had this done??? My sympathy to all of you...OUCH!!!

"But I think Weight Watchers would have been a lot cheaper." LOL, and ain't that the truth. Although I griped in my story about not being able to eat normally, I must admit that weight loss is a nice side effect, even though it comes at a high price (in more ways than one!) I'm very weight conscious and was happy to find that I'd lost a couple pounds due to this lovely procedure. Not a very fun way to get into your "skinny" jeans.

Thanks for the support dPerry and Runner. I am on my 5th day after surgery. Getting better I guess. I called for a 1 week follow up appointment on Wednesday. Just for reassurance that everything is healing properly. I hope they take, because I will NOT have the procedure again. No way, no how. I still cringe at the thought of what I went through. To be absolutely bold, IT SUCKED. No stitches have fallen out and the gums still look all buldgy and slimey. I guess that is normal. I just want to brush my teeth. That's all I ask. But on the other hand, I am afraid I will mess something up. I have been very good about following the aftercare instructions. On the upside, I have lost 3 pounds. But I think Weight Watchers would have been a lot cheaper.

Hi there, it will get better. I posted my story last week under Barbaric but necessary. I am now 10 days after surgery and it gets better every day, but is still hard to eat certain foods. You will get better ever day.<br />
The gums look fatter then the surrounding gum, however I am told that will go down over time. Yes, it looks abnormal for some time to come but the alternative is losing gums, teeth and bone. If that happens then you cannot even have dentures or dental implants. I was lucky and had I.V sedation which most of the periodontists here in town offer. My I.V sedation also had an anti nausea medictaion in it so that I wouldn't throw up and I didnt. I also had dissolving stitches which I could feel in the mouth with my tongue and they are now gone. I think waiting over three weeks to go see the periodontist is way too long for you. I went back at 5 days and it's a good thing I did as my gums were a little redder than they should be and I had to be placed on antibiotics. If you gums look red please do not wait, call your Dr.<br />
The best suggestion I can give is for you to rinse your mouth out all day long with lots of warm salty water as that aids in healing and makes you feel better. You will be able to use the softest tooth brush available and brush those teeth that are not near the surgery sites. Again my periodontist gave me a brush and I have never felt anything so soft before. He also gave me two tubes of tooth paste that actually bubble up and fill your mouth up. <br />
You will be okay. It will look ugly for awhile. Let me know how you are doing in a few days. Did you weigh yourself before you did this? I did and I lost 3-4 pounds but have put it back on already. No more icecream.<br />
Please post about your recovery so we can all be there for you.<br />
Take care.

I feel your pain!! I had the same surgery done...3 areas also...on 3/27 and am sitting here swollen, tight, and throbbing. I have an appointment one week after the surgery but just to get the stitches out...your dr. might have used a different type that dissolve so you might not need to go in as soon.<br />
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The first line on the stack of papers my dr. gave me said, "this is the easiest surgical procedure we do, but also the most painful." They told me that the white coloring is totally normal to show up a couple days after the surgery. Then the top la<x>yer will slough off and it will look raw for a little while.<br />
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I haven't had any kids yet, but when I told my mom about what they did she said I'll have no problem with delivering a child after going through that.<br />
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The upside...this liquid diet is taking off some stubborn pounds I couldn't budge through gym visits!<br />
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-- your friend in pain and recovery