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Hi there,

I just had a gum graft done on my front, lower tooth, right in the middle. For years I had a really bad gum recession there, and I figured it was from really hammering on my teeth when I brushed years ago. Now I'm much more careful to do the small circles, and I even got an electric toothbrush, but unfortunately after years of being more careful, the graft still had to be done.

So 3 days ago, I went in and sat in the chair. The nurse was very cheerful about telling me that the procedure was very simple, and that I could go shopping afterwards.

Well, the worst part of the procedure was the novacaine. At my dentist, they are pretty nice about putting a local anaesthetic on your gums before using that big ol' needle, but this dr. apparently didn't have the patience for that. That was ok, I figured, if it's only a few seconds, I can take it. I took a few deep breaths, and I was surprised how quickly my mouth got really numb!! They must have this new novacaine that numbs in seconds! Usually at the dentist I have to sit and read a magazine, waiting for the effects.

So the whole thing took about 45 minutes, and I kept my eyes closed through most of it, because I saw a bloody gauze go by, and figured, "Up, if I don't have to feel it, then I don't have to see it either". Toward the end, I started to feel the thread being pulled through my gums, but it didn't hurt, and I figured, since we were almost done, I won't say anything. And after the stitching, I walked out with the silly puddy like packs on the roof of my mouth, and my bottom front teeth.

The dr gave me a mouth rinse to keep my mouth clean (since I can't brush the teeth near the sore sites) and he was going to give me a pain killer, but I skipped the pain killers, and held onto the RX just in case I had to go get them.

The pink pack on the roof of my mouth fell off the first day, and yah know, I thought it was going to hurt much more than it did!! I have to be careful not to chew too much on that side, but it really doesn't hurt too much. The stitched area was throbbing a bit the first night, but after ice packs and sleep, it is only a tiny bit sore.

And I still have the puddy on the bottom of my mouth. The true test will be when that sucker finally falls off.

I was trying to think of some filling foods I could make for myself, because after 2 days of soft foods like oatmeal and yogurt and ice cream, I was ready to eat a horse whole!! So I made myself a lasagna!! Believe me, tomato sauce burns like a mother because of the acids. I am now sticking to soups, oatmeal, and chicken. (As long as I break it up and put it into the side of my mouth, I can chew it just fine!)

I feel good, and I'm excercising as usual. My biggest problem is just finding food that will fill my tummy without hurting my mouth in the process. So far as long as I break things up into pieces, I've been able to eat beef soup, chicken, bread and butter, macaroni salad, etc. I'll definitely have to hit the gym to keep up with the ice cream I'm eating. :)
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Hello! I have almost the same problem as you do with the excessive tooth brushing but I haven't gone through a gum graft. I have one problem tooth on the top right side of my mouth. What my dentist did the first time when I came over to the clinic and complained about it, is she put a 'jacket' over the exposed gums. At first it was alright but the problem was still there. Lucky for me today, the jacket came off after three months and now I'm hurting real bad and am heading over there tomorrow for whatever she can do to lessen the pain. Why and how did your dentist come up with the solution of a gum graft for you? How much of your root was exposed before the procedure? And how severe does the case have to be before your considered for a gum graft?