Gum Grafts, Round Two

I had the second round of gum grafting a little over a week ago. Last fall I had four teeth done on top, and this time four on the bottom. I have recessed gums from brushing too hard and grinding my teeth at night.

The procedure itself is a piece of cake, thanks to IV sedation. Insurance doesn't cover this, but it's the ONLY way to go. It makes you VERY sleepy to where you are vaguely aware of what is going on, but you really don't care.

The first time, I had much more pain afterwards and took the precribed Vicodin for a couple days. This time, I had much less pain and didn't take anything. I have the plastic stent (retainer-like thing that goes over your upper teeth and palate where they take the graft tissue from), and it really makes things a lot more comfortable. Some people get some kind of packing instead, so I don't know about that. The stent makes eating easier. NOT easy, which leads me to the worst part of the whole experience.

Not being able to eat normally! I think someone mentioned that it's really hard to get enough to eat when you're on soft foods, and that is very true. Even ice cream gets old after a while. I'm just now getting back to almost-solid food, but really hard stuff like chips is still a no-no. Might as well be chewing on razor blades.

The other really bad part of this is not being able to brush your teeth or clean your mouth properly. They give you a special mouthwash, but it's pretty nasty tasting, and rinsing just doesn't cut it for cleaning. I like to BRUSH my teeth (which is what got me into this mess in the first place).

I'm a little worried about one of the grafts because it's still white and hasn't pinked up at all, over a week later. I haven't seen this on any of the other grafts I've had. I go back next week to get the stitches out, so I hope I don't get bad news. I hope my luck hasn't run out as far as the grafts "taking."

All in all, I'd say my experience has been middling compared to others I've read...not as horrible as some but not as easy as others. I've heard this procedure has come a LONG way from even a few years ago, when it was truly awful and barbaric.

Good luck to all other Frankengums out there!
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Did your Alloderm graft work for you? Have you had to have it re-done at all? Was it worth it?

Frankengum, I love it. That's exactly what I told my family that it looks like frankenstein. It is the scariest looking thing to have going on in your mouth. I am on my 5th day after the surgery 2 teeth upper right and the procedure was very easy. But it has been pretty miserable since the initial novicane wore off. Had a huge bleed yesterday out of the blue from my pallat which was scary but stopped in 15 minutes by applying pressure with wet gauze. I think the worst part is the taste in your mouth like your sucking on a roll of pennies and I am wondering how long that will last. having to take pain pills 3 times a day and I am STARVING. so tired or liquid and soft foods. I tried to eat no bean chili the other day which was fine till a small piece of meat brushed the pallat graft site and OHHH did that hurt. Back to jello & pudding and slim fast.