Not That Bad - Including Update and Question

After reading this board the day before my gum grafting I was terrified! Luckily, so far things are going well. The procedure (done only with novocaine) wasn't fun, but I didn't feel any pain. It was over in about 20 minutes. The doctor gave me 800 mg of advil right away and so far I haven't had a lot of pain. (I've kept taking 600mg of advil at regular intervals.) Last night (I had the grafting done yesterday morning) I was more sore than at any other point and I took one vicodin at bedtime to assure sleep. (Had it hurt like that during the day I would have just stuck with advil. It wasn't excruciating, just very sore. I slept well and woke up today a little sore and a little swollen, but not bad.

The roof of my mouth (donor site) remarkably hurts very little. It's raw but not all that sore. The site that received the gum (and the stitches!) is definitely sore but it's manageable. I can brush the teeth around both sites but use a prescription mouthwash starting this morning to keep the rest clean. The swelling is barely noticeable to look at me, but I can feel it.  I can eat regular food, just nothing sharp, hard or crunchy for the next week and I have to chew on the opposite side of my mouth. The only real caveat I got was nothing hot for the first 24 hours (might cause bleeding).

Hopefully things will continue to go well. *crosses fingers* I have to get another tooth done on the other side of my mouth after this one is healed up.

UPDATE: Well five days in and the white grafted gum hasn't started turning red or pink, in fact, while the stitches are still holding it in place by the tooth it doesn't seem to be connected to the gum at all and shifts around. I have a call in to my periodonist's office but they don't have office hours today. I'm afraid that the graft might not be "taking" and worry about what that means. For those of you who have healed up - how long before the grafted gum started turning red and integrating with the rest of your gums?

UPDATE 4/16: I got the stitches out today. Periodontist said that the gum is thicker in that area, but since I still have some recession he'd like to do some "touch up" work on it. However, it's possible he can just move over gum that's there rather than getting gum from my palate again. I'm relieved to know that the procedure worked, even if not 100%. I go back in three weeks for another post-op visit and he'll decide then what he's going to do. Gum is still tender in that area but not really painful. I have to be really, really careful while brushing around that area, though.
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I just had this procedure done yesterday. I was terrified because two of my workmates had had it done and said it was very painful. Mine does not hurt at all!!!! I'm telling you, I had a headache the day before the surgery (no doubt from the stress of anticipating the pain) that hurt 50 times more than the surgery. The most painful part of the surgery was the needle in the roof of my mouth giving me the local anesthetic. <br />
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They froze the gum, then the roof where they took the tissue then I squeezed my eyes shut, didn't feel a thing and it was over in less than an hour. <br />
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The dr gave me a tramadol to take when it was over and said it should kick in by the time the freezing wore off. I could feel the freezing wearing off about 3 hours later at about 3pm and no pain at all whatsoever. Naturally I assumed it was the tramadol helping. I literally did not feel ANY pain NOTHING. I took another tramadol at about 3pm and then another about 8 and went to bed at 11. Woke up this morning. Still no pain. No more tramadol. <br />
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I have the white thing that looks like a large canker sore as well but doesn't feel like one. The roof of my mouth hurts a tiny bit but I think its because I bit into a homefry at breakfast this morning and it pressed into the roof of my mouth where the stitches are. <br />
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I have the medicinal mouthwash he said to dab on the surgical area with a q-tip. And he also gave me amoxicillan to ensure no infection. <br />
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All is well. This procedure was certainly not worthy of the mental anguish I put myself through anticipating what it was going to be like!!!!

I'm not sure that my periodontist did anything special. He took the gum from the roof of my mouth and didn't give me anything to cover it. It felt a lot like when you burn the roof of your mouth for a couple of days. Both times the gum was grafted to the lower front of my gums. I had vicodin to take if needed but I only took one or two each time. After that I just took a lot of advil. Maybe it's just my perspective of pain that's different? I've dealt with a herniated disk in my back, and migraines, and both of those are more unbearable than the grafting was.

Scorpiogirl, sounds like you aren't suffering from a lot of pain compared to many other people who post here and say it was the most painful thing they've ever experienced. I may have to get one soon and I am wondering what, if anything your periodontist did to reduce the pain? Were you given a retainer to protect the top of your mouth afterwards? Where was your gum grafted to?

This is good for me to hear too!! I'm on 5 days and was worried because it's still white. I was worried because I was told not to smoke and I've been cheating.

Thanks! That helps me feel a little better. Hopefully I'll hear from my doctor's office today and not have to wait until tomorrow. I figured this wasn't an "emergency" worthy of paging the doctor. I'll just hope for the best!

Hi Scorpiogirl - I had the exact same thing happen with the white tissue looking like it wasn't "taking." Well, I just had the sutures removed yesterday (almost 2 weeks post-op), and they said everything looks great. In fact, the white piece fell off while she was removing the sutures. Gross, I know. They explained to me that the white tissue is sort of like a scab. They gave me the example of how a scab elsewhere on your body turns white when it gets wet. <br />
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So you're probably okay, but it's good you're checking with your doctor. Good luck!