10 Days Later

Well, 3 days in, I thought I was doing just great, but I made a little mistake that brought me back to square one. After one night of sleeping with my mouth open, I woke up with a mouth full of blood!! After panicking, and checking the packing on top of my stitches, which were safely in place, I realized it was the roof of my mouth! The dry air must have dried my mouth out, and in effect, the slightly healed tissue on the roof of my mouth, must have come apart in my sleep.

Unfortunately after that, it was as if my mouth hadn't healed at all, and the pain was more noticeable than before!!

After a week of soft foods, I was famished, and took a break from the gym for atleast a week, as my iron level plummeted, despite the chewable vitamins I was taking! I started to drink Carnation instant breakfast drinks, to keep my vitamin intake up, but yah know, I am a true carnivore, and now that I'm back to carefully eating meat, I'm still waiting to feel back to my old self.

If I ever have to do this again, I am putting meat and everything else in the blender. And one thing I noticed, is that when I wear my mouth guard, it limits the air that passes through my mouth, so it doesn't get dry at night!!
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31-35, F
Dec 10, 2006