I Wish I Only Had a Gum Graft

ok heres my story

my uncle (who is my dentist) told me that I needed to go to a surgen because my gums were receding due to a genetic problem that our family has where the connection to our tounge (freenum) and lip  is connected to the top of the gum line and not near the bottom like normal. so I talked with the surgen and he said that I should get everything done at once.  now I had an extra 4 or 5 teeth when I was younger come out the roof of my mouth so he said that I probably should use a donor graft.  so on 04/05/07 I had the surgery done.  I was awake the whole time they had to keep injecting me with the local becuase in the position I was in the local was going twards my ears.  finaly after 3 hours I had my lip connection clipped, my front two teeth grafted, and my tounge connection clipped.  because I have a problem with throwing up for the past year  the doctor decided to put a plastic thing in with my stitches so that I didnt get acid in the graft.   the next day  in my vicoden highness I fell off my stool (I'm 4'10" cant reachin anything in my cubbord with out it) when I was getting a cup  and hit my mouth on a chair. let me tell you if you have had stitches I dont care where on your body and the day after you hit them your in alot of pain!!!! anywho I was back at work (I do eye insurance billing) the fallowing monday which was 4 days after surgery with a mouth full of stitches.  then at the 1 week mark I was able to get the stitches I had left taken out of my tounge. I am happy to say with this new diet of liquid foods I havent thrown up as much though it is extreamly painful and caused alot of bleeding and the loss of some stitches.  it has now been two weeks and two days since surgery and I still have stiches  in the front they hurt bad and its hard to sleep (I sleep on my stomach).  I go back to the surgen on monday and hopefully all is well.  let me tell you this has taught me a valuable lesson.  it taught me that I'm stronger then I think I am  and you can try to do everything by yourself in life but that doesnt mean you should.

ok so I went to the doctor yesterday everything looks good except one peice of white!!! I dont have any more stitches in my mouth for the first time in about 20 days!!!!!! woo hooo I'm still on a soft blended diet but who cares!!!

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Hello! I have almost the same problem as you do with the excessive tooth brushing but I haven't gone through a gum graft. I have one problem tooth on the top right side of my mouth. What my dentist did the first time when I came over to the clinic and complained about it, is she put a 'jacket' over the exposed gums. At first it was alright but the problem was still there. Lucky for me today, the jacket came off after three months and now I'm hurting real bad and am heading over there tomorrow for whatever she can do to lessen the pain. Why and how did your dentist come up with the solution of a gum graft for you? How much of your root was exposed before the procedure? And how severe does the case have to be before your considered for a gum graft?